Welcome to the unofficial (but pretty much official) Portland International Raceway Bracket Racing site!

Now in our 21st season of providing PIR Bracket Racing news and information!

The focus of this site will remain as it has been for the past 20 years – as a source to keep you updated on the Bracket Racing program at PIR. I'll leave the street legal races, import races, etc. up to someone else.  While this remains a volunteer deal, as with all previous seasons, I’ll do my best to post the race results and current point standings within 24 hours of receiving them. 

As always, if you have any information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at Portland International Raceway that you would like to have posted here, just send an e-mail to:

Greg Rollin



Note to those who are new here.  The italicized and quoted word(s) in the news updates are the weekly Booster Club bonus 50/50 ticket words.  When the Booster Club volunteers come around selling 50/50 tickets, work that word into a sentence and receive a bonus ticket!



MAY 18, 2021


Thanks to Jesse Dbartolo and Rose City Garage Doors, the winners in SP, Pro, SM and MC will receive a bonus payout this week!  And be sure to thank Cathy when she gives you your “time slip”.


MAY 11, 2021


Winners this week in SP, Pro, SM and Motorcycle can thank Billups Family Racing for a bonus payout!   Safety reminder – be sure your “valve stem” caps are properly torqued.



MAY 4, 2021



Wednesday Night

2021 Novice ET Bracket Trophy Race

Portland International Raceway

            April 21                              June 9  

May 12                               June 23

May 26                        

Gates @4pm       Eliminations @7pm

Entry Fee – $10 and One Time PIR Fee $15

Race is run in conjunction with the weekly ET bracket races and is open to all novice racers.  Car must pass tech inspection.

Need at least 4 cars to run this race.


Sponsored by Cliff’s Classic Chevrolet&

Krippner Painting

Info:  Cliff 503-667-4329

Mask must be worn at all times unless you are on the track racing

Visit Portland International Raceway website for latest Covid restrictions.



The Novice Trophy Class is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn Bracket Racing.  Please pass the word along to anybody who might be interested!

Due to the “computer glitch” last week, Don Vandehey remains the sponsor for this week.  The 50/50 drawing was run, so a new drawing will be started this week.



APRIL 27, 2021


Lettie is still looking for weekly sponsors – if you, your company or someone you know might be interested, please see her at the track or call 503-644-5707.  Don Vandehey has stepped up as the weekly sponsor for April 28! 

Just so you know, Lettie’s Losers will be run every Wednesday night - $10.00 pay in at the tower.  The next Novice Trophy Class is May 12th.  Minimum of four cars needed to run the class – tell your friends!  This is a great opportunity to have some fun while learning about bracket racing. All you need is enthusiasm, a car that will pass tech and maybe a “tire gauge”.


APRIL 20, 2021


Winners in SP, Pro, SM and MC this week will receive a bonus payout thanks to Heriford Racing!  Lettie is still seeking weekly sponsors – see her for more information.

Speaking of Lettie, when the Booster Club comes around this Wednesday, you might want to talk about your “spark plugs”.



 We are excited to announce an addition of Land of the Leaders GAMBLERS to the popular and long running Land of the Leaders ET Challenge program.  The Series has always awarded a year-end Championship Wally and Champions jacket to the winner and the traditional Land of the Leaders ET Challenge will continue to be FREE, however racers wanting to up the ante can enter the Land of the Leader GAMBLERS where the top 3 finishing GAMBLERS in the final year end points will earn the pot for each class.  Eligible classes include Super Pro, Pro ET, Sportsman, and Bike/Sled.

Entry and Payout:

·         Super Pro ($40 Entry) – Payout: Winner – 60% , 2nd – 30% , 3rd – 10%

·         Pro ET ($40 Entry) – Payout: Winner – 60% , 2nd – 30% , 3rd – 10%

·         Sportsman ($40 Entry) – Payout: Winner – 60% , 2nd – 30% , 3rd – 10%

·         Bike/Sled ($40 Entry) – Payout: Winner – 60% , 2nd – 30% , 3rd – 10%


Racers wanting to participate must enter by June 1 through the Division 6 Office.  Once entries are final, the payouts in each class will be announced.  “I’m really excited to add the GAMBLERS to the long running program” said Division Director Matt Levonas.  “Land of the Leaders is a really cool program as it is rewarding racers for competing at their home track. The GAMBLERS addition should make it a lot of fun to watch through the season.  It will be fun to see how many jump in.  Just looking at last year’s points in Super Pro for example, if each of the points earning racers participated, the winner would have taken home $3600 at year-end with runner-up $1800, and 3rd place $600.”



Thanks to Ken Green for the above flier.  Ken notes “PIR Members have an advantage, as the first 2 PIR LOL Races are before the money is due, so if up in points, they can send the money in, otherwise they could skip it”.




APRIL 13, 2021


Tabor’s Automotive Machine, Inc. has stepped up to be the first weekly sponsor of 2021 with a $25 bonus going to the winners in S/P, Pro, SM and MC!  Lettie is looking for future weekly sponsors for those four classes as well as for Lettie’s Losers.  If you can help, please see her at the track or give her a call at 503-644-5707.


As I’m sure many of you have heard, PIR now has a new General Manager.  Ron Huegli comes aboard with drag racing experience as well as local knowledge.  I’ve asked Ron to send me an introduction message which I will post as soon as I receive. 

As a farewell to E.C., might I suggest doing a huge “burnout” in his honor this Wednesday night!



MARCH 22, 2021


Schedule revisions received and posted.  Points / Team sign up form now posted in the General Info section.




MARCH 18, 2021


The 2021 schedule is up – I never did receive clarification on a couple of dates (April in particular), so I guess it is correct as it is…..



February 10, 2021


As I was reading the January issue of National Dragster (remember when it used to be a weekly publication?), I couldn’t help but think of Matt Kielman while reading the ‘Movin Up’ article.  But then who do I see when I turn to page 54?  Congrats Matt on being included with this select group of up and comers!


Waiting clarification on a couple of dates on the 2021 schedule.  Will hopefully post soon.








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