Welcome to the unofficial (but pretty much official) Portland International Raceway Bracket Racing site!

Now in our 17th season of providing PIR Bracket Racing news and information!

The focus of this site will remain as it has been for the past seventeen – as a source to keep you updated on the Bracket Racing program at PIR. I'll leave the street legal races, import races, etc. up to someone else.  While this remains a volunteer deal, as with all previous seasons, I’ll do my best to post the race results and current point standings within 24 hours of receiving them.  I will also continue to submit the weekly race results to National Dragster. 

As always, if you have any information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at Portland International Raceway that you would like to have posted here, just send an e-mail to:

Greg Rollin


Note to those who are new here.  The italicized and quoted word(s) in the updates are the weekly Booster Club bonus 50/50 ticket words.  When the Booster Club volunteers come around selling 50/50 tickets, work that word into a sentence and receive a bonus ticket!



I have no idea what caused the formatting glitch with everything Aug 16 and prior, but it would be a major pain to correct.  Being this late in the season, I hope everybody understands that I’m just going to leave it be.




DECEMBER 11, 2017


If you are planning on racing for points in 2018, it would really help Cindy if you could submit your payment prior to the beginning of the season.  Click HERE for a printable (pdf) form.   




DECEMBER 6, 2017


Some changes are in the works for 2018 and we want your input!  Please take a moment to print and fill out this form and bring it with you to the banquet on Sunday (forms will also be available on Sunday if you prefer).  If you will not be attending the banquet, please fill out the form and send it to Richard and Dawn Dietrich (email address on the form) before Dec. 31. 



NOVEMBER 16, 2017


If you were not on the 2017 team, but would like to attend the banquet, click HERE for a reservation form.




NOVEMBER 10, 2017


Click HERE for the 2017 PIR banquet reservation form.  Please note forms are due back no later than

November 27, 2017. 


And while you’re filling out forms, you might want to take a moment to vote in the Division 6 Special Awards.  I think we all know a certain hard working, dedicated person who certainly is deserving of a nomination for the Gracious Lady award….. 





NOVEMBER 1, 2017


Mark your calendar – the 2017 PIR awards banquet will be held on December 10th.  Details to follow.




OCTOBER 17, 2017


Many of you have no doubt seen my friend and photographer extraordinaire Bill Anthony out at PIR on Wednesday nights.  Hopefully you picked up a copy of the July issue of Portland Monthly which featured his article (including many of his great shots) about what we do on Wednesday nights.  Bill has a very different style - one that captures images from behind the scenes - shots that depict what makes this sport so unique.  He has recently put together a collection of some of his work at PIR (as well as from Pacific and Woodburn) and is now offering prints for sale.  When you have a moment or two, please take a look through his albums.


Please share this link with anyone else you recognize in the photos!

You can e-mail Bill at: william@wmanthony.com if you have any special requests or questions about the ordering process. The vendor he is using makes high quality prints right here in the U.S.A (Minnesota) that should last a lifetime and ordering and shipping is straightforward.  



SEPTEMBER 28, 2017


Robert Jackson, Jr. is the 2017 King of The Track! 




Photo: Carol Brown




SEPTEMBER 25, 2017


Qualifying is over – this Wednesday night will be the King of The Track final!  If you are one of the three Sportsman racers tied for that sixth spot, a runoff in time trials based on the best reaction time will determine the Sportsman field.  Many thanks to the following for their contributions to the payout:  Jeff Cross ($200) in memory of Mel Bresaw and Mike Francis, NWDRA ($100) in memory of club members who have passed away, Tabor Family Racing ($200) in memory of Pat Nicholson and Bob Comeau and Charlie Dietrich ($100) in memory of Bob Comeau and Mike Francis. So far, that brings the bonus payout to $600!  Donations are still being accepted – see Lettie.  In addition to the KOTT final, there will be a cash bash – sponsor needed – again, see Lettie.  And again, just a friendly reminder to have your “tail lights” on when the track lights come on.


I always look forward to John Masterman’s ET Bracket Finals rundown.  Here is his 2017 report:


The bracket finals rundown:

We came. We saw (barely because it was so smoky). We melted. If it was anything except for hot and smoky, it was early in the morning when it was comfy and smoky.

The best news going into weekend was that there was zero precipitation forecast. Time was the only limitation.

The beginning of the festivities was the gambler race on Friday. No team points at stake, but it's fun to root for your own teammates! Both Matt Kielman (pro) and John Floyd Jr. (Sportsman) took the top spots, and everyone else's money with them. Way to go!

TruStart was in place for the weekend. For those unfamiliar with it, it solves the age old issue of red lights vs fast or slow cars. It's always been the first red light, not the worst. TruStart evens the playing field. It's worst, NOT first. First car to leave ALWAYS shows a green light until the second car leaves the line. In the event that both racers went red, the worst infraction loses. I am certainly a fan. Second round of gambler race, I saw my win light turn on while heading down the track. Yay! He went red. Got my time slip. Oops! So did I. But my .004 red was better than his .009 red, so on went the slow car!

The Race of Champions saw some good performances, but none better than Jr. Street. The final round came down to Cooper Chun and Hunter Jackson, and was run in the dark. Just like at home! All PIR, all the time! And in tow vehicles. Extra credit for that. Hunter was the big winner after Cooper went red.

Sunday saw a good effort by the whole team. Some contributed points, some contributed support and enthusiasm. I contributed support and enthusiasm :-/ Team Portland was briefly in the points lead early on, but didn't have enough umph to stay on top. The team overall came in a respectable third, nipping at the heels of the home team nearly the whole time. Seattle won overall in a landslide. They schooled us all. They set a new record for points scored at a bracket finals in any division.

A couple Wallys went home with team PIR members on Sunday. Cooper Chun took the win in Jr Lightning, and John Floyd Jr. took another win on a successful weekend. Go truck!

A random side event that developed on Saturday was the “how fast can you eat a Woodburn Dragstrip corndog?” contest. It started out simple enough, with actual chewing and such, but then the hot rodding approach took over. I'll spare you a lot of the chain of events that led to it, but the winner shredded the corndog and mixed it with water and drank it. Gross. Winning time was eleven seconds. Who's hungry?

Everyone survived the heat, including little Ruby that got to take part in her first bracket finals in the outside world :)

Let's get ready to go to Boise next year! Long drive, but fun track! Let's round up a full team for the voyage ;)





SEPTEMBER 20, 2017


Just a reminder, with it getting dark so much sooner these days, don’t forget to turn your “tail light(s)” on when the track lights come on.  Tonight’s winners will receive a bonus payout from Heriford Family Racing and the runner ups from Jolly Restaurants!  




SEPTEMBER 12, 2017


All sponsor info, etc. carries over to this week from last week’s “smoked-out” (somehow that seems appropriate for Portland!) event.






Team member party time!  Please make sure to RSVP to Lettie or Ken before Sept. 15.



For a printable form, click HERE (pdf format)






More Team Race stuff to come, but in the meantime, here are a couple of pics from Carol Brown.



Race of Champions Jr. Street winner, Hunter Jackson.



Sunday’s Sportsman winner, John Floyd, Jr.  John also won the Gamblers Race on Friday!




Sunday’s Jr. Dragster Lightning winner Cooper Chun.


Matt Kielman was the winner in Friday’s Pro Bracket Gambler race.  Overall, Team PIR finished in a respectable third place.  Good job everybody!  More Team Race stuff to come!


Back to PIR tomorrow night for the third KOTT qualifying race.  At least it’s going to be cooler so wearing a “firejacket” won’t be as bad as it was this past weekend!  Runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants, winner bonus to be announced and Letties Losers is still needing a sponsor.  Team members who haven’t yet turned in their ballots can do so tomorrow night.   



AUGUST 31, 2017


Great news – the TruStart (worst red light) system will be run at the ET finals!

If we did have a secret word for this race, surely it would be “hydrate”.  It’s gonna be a scorcher!   




AUGUST 28, 2017


2017 Team Roster:




I’m not 100% certain, but rumor has it S/P cars will need to have their dial-in on both sides (in addition to front and rear).



Pit and grandstand map:




Congrats to Jesse DeBartolo for winning the Gresham Transmission Perfect Light Race last Friday night!




Thanks again to Harry Cole and John Floyd, Jr. for another year of perfect light t-shirts and for putting on this fun event!



AUGUST 25, 2017


Unfortunately, there wasn’t time at the last team meeting to pass around the sign up sheets for food and supplies needed for the Team Race.  Side dishes, tables, coolers and whatnot are still needed for the potluck dinner, etc.  Please call Dawn Dietrich (360-518-0496) or Lettie (503-644-5707) and let them know what you could bring.  Please note that if you need to call Lettie for whatever reason and get her voicemail, please be sure to leave your number (she doesn’t have caller ID).


Check back here again for more updates before the Team Race.




AUGUST 24, 2017



The Gresham Transmission Perfect Light race is this Friday (Aug. 25).  Gates open at 5:30, if you’ve qualified for this years race, be sure to wear your T-Shirt!  If you have any questions, please contact Harry Cole or John Floyd, Jr. at 503-669-1555.



AUGUST 21, 2017


Practice up on your “reaction time” as this week’s winners will receive a bonus from D&E Auto Care and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants.  Lettie’s Losers is still looking for a sponsor….    Check back later for the team list (I’ll post as soon as I receive). 




AUGUST 16, 2017


The 2017 Team Finals packet is now available.  Click HERE for pdf format, or HERE

 for a Word (.doc) format.

AUGUST 15, 2017

A reminder to the S/P racers who entered into the Dietrich Family Racing Super Pro Extra Payout Series, this Wednesday (Aug 16) is the final race. 

AUGUST 14, 2017

Team meeting this Wednesday at the base of the tower at 7:00.  No matter where you ended up in points (I’ll post them as soon as I receive them), you will need to let the tower know your plans for the team race.  If you are racing for Team PIR, get with Pete regarding an ETI inspection.  This week’s winners in SP, Pro, SM and MC will receive a bonus payout from the NWDRA and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants!  Thanks to Turmoil Racing for the bonus payout last week in Lettie’s Losers!  Letties Losers will continue through the King of The Track series (I’ll post more on that series just as soon as I receive something), so if you “red light” or whatever, you still have a second chance.

AUGUST 8, 2017

This week’s winners in SP, Pro, SM and MC will receive a bonus payout from Dietrich Family Racing and the runner ups a bonus from Jolly Restaurants!  Lettie’s Losers is looking for a sponsor – this could be just for a “single” week or for the rest of the season.  See Lettie.  Listen to the PA for a possible team meeting.  There may or may not be one this week, unknown at this time for sure.

JULY 28, 2017

Winners this week in S/P, Pro, SM and motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Kevin Bromley and the runner ups from Jolly Restaurants!  Jeff Cross will be providing a bonus to the winner in Lettie’s Losers.  Perhaps you can put that money toward a new set of “slicks” for the upcoming Finals.  And speaking of the Finals, no matter where you are on the points list, you need to let the tower know if you are planning on running for Team PIR or not.  If you haven’t already done so, check with Pete regarding ETI, and no matter what track you are running for, remember, your NHRA membership and car number must be current.

JULY 26, 2017

Just a quick reminder, due to the SVRA Vintage Racing Festival this weekend, there will be no racing tonight. As one of my other hobbies, I will be at the festival all weekend taking pictures.  If anybody is interested in being on my racing pictures email list, just drop ME a request.

JULY 19, 2017

Correction to below – I don’t know why I wrote August, but the Dietrich bonus race in S/P is today (July 19) NOT August 19!  Sorry if I caused any confusion.  (Server issues yesterday prevented me from posting this – there is no bracket race on Aug. 19 – bonus or otherwise).

JULY 17, 2017

Due to the schedule change, the Dietrich Family Racing Super Pro extra payout race originally scheduled for August 26th has been changed to August 19th.

JULY 14, 2017

Thanks to everyone, the pie raffle was a huge success!  Along the lines of raffles, the tickets for the annual raffle are getting used up, so be sure to get in before they’re gone – this will be the biggest 50/50 raffle of the year!  This week’s winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Turmoil Racing & Two Lonely Chicks (Laura Schroeder and Kathy Helfrich), runner ups will receive a bonus payout from Jolly Restaurants and the winner in Letties Losers will receive a bonus from Jeff Cross! 

Note from the tower, if you’re using shoe polish for your “dial-in” please make sure it’s legible from the tower!

JULY 12, 2017

Please note there has been a change in the schedule – there will be no ET bracket racing on Wednesday, July 26th.

JULY 11, 2017

The date for the Gresham Transmission Perfect Light Race has been set for August 25th.  If you have scored a perfect light T-shirt this year, you need to make sure that you are entered in the book – check with the tower.  Thanks as always to Harry Cole and John Floyd, Jr. for sponsoring the T-shirts, stickers and all that they do for the race!   Along the lines of sponsors, this week’s winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from the NWDRA.  Runner ups in S/P, Pro and SM will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants and the runner up in motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Kevin Bromley.  Thanks to Jeff Cross for sponsoring Lettie’s Losers last week.  Speaking of Lettie’s Losers, a full time, weekly sponsor is still needed.  And speaking of Lettie, she really needs someone to help with the weekly 50/50 – check with her when you are at the tower looking at the “ladder”. 

JULY 6, 2017

Thanks to Carol Brown for the winners pictures from the 2017 All Access Challenge and Jr. Drag Racing League Challenge!


Bill Heard Super/Pro

 Casey Allum Pro

Jesse DeBartolo Sportsman

Ted Brown Motorcycle

Cooper Chun Jr. Dragster Lightning

Ty Gaynor Jr. Dragster Thunder

JULY 3, 2017

Just a heads-up, there will be a raffle on July 12th for a triple chocolate pie – tickets will be $1 each!

JUNE 30, 2017

Winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle in this week’s special “Wally” race will receive a bonus payout from Bud’s Auto Wrecking (503-771-2095) and runner ups in S/P, Pro and SM will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants.  Motorcycle runner up will receive a bonus payout from Kevin Bromley.

Note on my mini-rant below.  I just found out NHRA does still publish bracket racing results, but now only on their website.  I don’t know why NHRA didn’t inform me of the change or answer my email, but due to the communication gap, being time sensitive, there will be a bit of a gap in Portland results for which I apologize for.  While I’m pleased that bracket results are posted, I’m still a bit ticked off that they are no longer posted in print – at the expense of the little guy, how much more space does John Force and DSR really need?  Anyway, I will resume submitting our results for their on-line listing.

JUNE 29, 2017

I suspect the reason for the name change from the long standing “National Dragster Challenge” to the “All Access Challenge”, is because the NHRA has decided to discontinue posting bracket racing results in the National Dragster.  Even though this makes my job easier in that I no longer need to submit our weekly results to the NHRA, it really, really rubs me the wrong way.  We – the dedicated racers that race week after week at local tracks all across the country – the racers that make up the backbone of the sport are now all but being completely ignored by the NHRA.  It was bad enough in recent years that the Summit ET Finals have been getting less and less coverage in ND, but to now take away the little recognition that they gave us bracket racers, frankly, really pisses me off. 

Just to clarify – again, it was always the weekly race results that I submitted to NHRA – NEVER the info to the “Be a Member, Be a Winner” program (I would need NHRA member numbers, etc. in order to do so).  So if you don’t see our results in the Be a Member listings, you will need to talk with those in the tower who have that info.     

JUNE 26, 2017

Just a reminder to everyone to save your pull tabs for a very worthy cause – turn them in to Cliff Waldron.


Hopefully everybody has picked up a copy of the current Portland Monthly magazine to read Bill Anthony’s great article “Time Slip” on our Wednesday night program.

Winners this week in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from D&E Auto Care, and the runner ups in S/P, Pro and SM will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants.  Lettie is in need of a volunteer to help her with the weekly 50/50 drawing – if you can help even on a semi-regular basis, please give her a call (503-644-5707), or chat with her at the track. 

JUNE 20, 2017

Bill’s article is now available on line – click HERE to check it out!

JUNE 19, 2017

Be sure to pick up a copy of the newest Portland Monthly magazine – photographer extraordinaire Bill Anthony’s article “Time Slip” is featured in the July issue! For a quick preview, click HERE.

Winners this week in S/P, Pro, Sportsman and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from 99 Saloon and Grill, runner ups will receive a gift certificate from Jolly Restaurants!   99 Saloon and Grill will also be posting a $25.00 bonus to the person with the best package during eliminations – thanks Kathy Nicholson!

As the weather gets warmer, keep in mind the temperature can and will affect sound levels.  So if you are marginal in the db dept., it might be a good idea to upgrade your exhaust system and/or “mufflers” before Pete has to have a talk with you……

JUNE 9, 2017

Wednesday’s winners in S/P, Pro, Sportsman and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Steve’s Precision Machine Shop, plus a gift certificate from Jolly Restaurants!  Runner ups will receive a bonus from Kevin Bromley!  Thanks to Don Vandehey and Kevin Bromley, there will also be an additional payout to the winner in Motorcycle in the name of Dallas Payne.  The Second Chance (Lettie’s Losers) winner will receive a gift certificate from the 99 Saloon & Grill thanks to Kathy Nicholson!  

JUNE 5, 2017

This week’s winners in S/P, Pro, Sportsman and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Steve’s Precision Machine.  Special thanks to Kevin Bromley and Don Vandehey, there will be an additional bonus payout in Motorcycle in memory of Dallas Payne.  Don’t forget, this Wednesday is the first of the Beaches Cruise-ins.  Along the lines of firsts, if you haven’t been out to race yet this year, be sure your “helmet” is current (scroll down for the current SFI/Snell specs).    

MAY 31, 2017

Unlike what I’m doing here, you will need to incorporate the words “Full Tree” into a sentence when the Booster Club people come around tonight.  Thanks once again goes to Kevin Bromley for providing this week’s bonus payout!

MAY 25, 2017

From Richard Dietrich:

  We would like to thank the Super Pro drivers for their support and participation of our race.  We had 13 Super Pro drivers sign up and pay for the 5 races.

 Pay out for the 13 car field:

 1st $286.00

2nd $130.00

3rd $52.00

4th $52.00

 Winners last night 24th

 1st Gary Erickson

2nd Mike Nicholson

3rd Bill Heard

4th was a bye we split that money with 1st-3rd place.

 Next race June 14th

MAY 23, 2017

While the crew does a great job, just remember to always check the reader boards for the correct dial-in before “prestaging”.   Thanks this week goes to the NWDRA for the additional payout bonus!  Also a reminder to Super Pro racers that this week is the first of the Extra Payout races.  Scroll down for more info and/or see any of the Dietrich family at the track.

MAY 15, 2017

If you have any input for the new “water box” worker (I apologize for not yet knowing his name), please pass it along to Gary.  Thanks to John Speelman, there will be a bonus payout in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle this week!

MAY 9, 2017

Thanks this week goes to Kevin Bromley for providing the bonus payout.  If you, your business, employer, etc. would like to sponsor a race or races, please contact Lettie.  The word for the week is “burnout”.

MARCH 24, 2017

Without question, the worst part of this job is having to pass along sad news.  Thankfully my part has been made easier with the help of Carol Brown with these memorials.


MARCH 22, 2017

2017 Super-Pro Extra Payout

In 2017 Dietrich Family racing is offering the following additional pay-out for five of the PIR Wednesday night points races for Super Pro.

Five race pay out series

·        May 24th

·       June 14th

·       July 5th

·       July 26th

·       August 16th

Cost: $100 for the entire series ($20 a race)

Additional money:  Dietrich family racing will match the $20 per car at each of the five races. (example: 10 cars pay the $20 each = $200 + $200 from Dietrich Family Racing = $400 payout).

Entrance:  The $100 must be prepaid before the first race to be eligible for the payout in the series. 

How it works:  The car that is part of the series that goes the farthest in eliminations on each of the Wednesday nights stated above will receive the bonus money based on the following breakdown:

                                    For 5 car field:              For a 10-car field:

                                    1 = $100                       1 = $220

                                    2 = $60                         2 = $100

                                    3 = $20                         3 = $40

                                    4= $20                          4 = $40

If more cars (10+) sign up then the additional funds will be rewarded to the winner (signed up car that goes the farthest)

If a race is rained out the money will be carried over to the next Wednesday night.

If two (or more) cars go the same distance in a race the prize money will be split evenly.

We are opening it up to any car that wants to run in Super Pro in these five races, however the entire $100 must be prepaid before May 24th. 


Currently the following racers have committed (* means we have received payment)

·        Mike Nicholson*

·       Andy Tabor

·       Bill Heard

·       Gary Erickson

·       Tyler Dietrich*

·       Greg Rollin

This is a separate payout from the track and is no way affiliated with regular PIR points or payouts, any questions should be directed to either Charlie or Richard Dietrich. 

Please call or text Charlie (360) 635-8995 or Richard (360) 448-0455 with any questions or to sign up.

MARCH 21, 2017

With some fresh “rubber” laid down last Sunday, all should be good to go for the Guild Family Racing sponsored race tomorrow night!

MARCH 13, 2017

Just a quick reminder, weather permitting, “points” begin this Wednesday.  Starting out the season, our first weekly sponsor is John Nelson Racing.  Weekly sponsors are needed – please contact Lettie (503-644-5707).  Gresham Transmission is back with perfect light t-shirts!

MARCH 2, 2017

 The 2017 schedule is now up.  Apparently there is some confusion regarding March. Hopefully, this will help clear things up.  There are two pre-season, non points, test & tune events – one on Wed. the 8th and the other (the Winter Opener) on Sunday the 12th.  Points start for all classes on Wed. the 15th.  The next race is Sunday the 19th, then Wed. the 22, followed by Sunday the 26th, then back to Wed the 29th.  Yes, that’s five races in 15 days.  No race on April 5 due to the swap meet.     

FEBRUARY 21, 2017

I could have sworn I’d read last fall that the RPM Act had passed, but evidently not.  Thanks to Ken Green for bringing this to my attention.  I hope all of you will take the less than a minute it will take to tell your Senators and Representatives to support the RPM Act.

FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Per the reminder noted earlier, many helmets will be outdated for the 2017 season. It has been brought to my attention that many brands are on back order through some of the big mail order outlets.  If you are needing to update yours, best order it ASAP!  While I have always tried to avoid endorsing a manufacture here, I will take exception and suggest purchasing one (or any other of your safety gear needs) from Redmond, OR based Pyrotect.  For many years, I’ve been very pleased with their products and services.  Highly recommended.  Tell ‘em Greg at Supercars Unlimited sent you!   

FEBRUARY 9, 2017

Introducing Ruby Anne Masterman – born February 7 at 9:51 pm, weighing 7lbs.  Congratulations to John and De Anne! 

FEBRUARY 7, 2017

I'm still waiting for clarification on some aspects of the 2017 schedule before I can post it here, but in the meantime, I have posted (in pdf format) the first draft of the 2017 drag racing schedule on the schedule page.  I'll post the schedule in its regular format here as soon as I finally get clarification.

As I'm sure most of you know by now, the 2017 Division 6 ET Finals are going to be held at Woodburn.  Jay has told me the TruStart system will be in place for the Finals (as well as with their regular weekly program).   Personally, and I know with talking to many of you last season, it would be nice to see TruStart implemented at PIR - especially since that is the direction bracket racing is taking.  In this era of community action, please let your thoughts be known to the powers that be.

JANUARY 20, 2017

JANUARY 10, 2017

JANUARY 9, 2017

JANUARY 5, 2017

Happy New Year!  We’re back!

2017 schedule and more coming soon…….


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