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The focus of this site will remain as it has been for the past sixteen– as a source to keep you updated on the Bracket Racing program at PIR. I'll leave the street legal races, import races, etc. up to someone else.  While this remains a volunteer deal, as with all previous seasons, I’ll do my best to post the race results and current point standings within 24 hours of receiving them.  I will also continue to submit the weekly race results to National Dragster. 

As always, if you have any information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at Portland International Raceway that you would like to have posted here, just send an e-mail to:

Greg Rollin


Note to those who are new here.  The italicized and quoted word(s) in the updates are the weekly Booster Club bonus 50/50 ticket words.  When the Booster Club volunteers come around selling 50/50 tickets, work that word into a sentence and receive a bonus ticket!




NOVEMBER 16, 2016


The 2016 awards banquet will be held on Sunday Dec. 11 at the Airport Shilo Inn from 10:00am to 3:00pm.  For more information and a reservation form (needs to be returned no later than Nov. 28), click HERE.





NOVEMBER 14, 2016


Just a heads up – tonight at 9:00 on OPB is a new documentary on the City of Vanport.  Check it out!




NOVEMBER 9, 2016


Bill Anthony’s web gallery of his Wednesday night shots is now live!  Check it out HERE.  Bill has over 1000 photos, so some people got edited out, but he says he’s happy to share from the cutting room floor though!  If you don’t see one of you or your car, send him an email.




OCTOBER 20, 2016


Advertisers wanted!  If you’re looking for a way to promote your business, please consider PIR!  Whether it’s a 40 foot banner on the east fence, a 6 foot sign on the front straight, a season sponsor for Wednesday nights, a weekly Wednesday night sponsor or a $20 weekly sponsor for the second chance bracket, there are plenty of options and opportunities available!  For the big stuff, contact the PIR office (503-823-7223), for the Wednesday night opportunities, call Lettie (503-644-5707).  


The NWDRA Swap Meet is coming up – if you’re interested in a booth, please contact Lettie asap. 


Some of you have been asking about the awards banquet – I’ll post that info just as soon as I receive it!




OCTOBER 12, 2016


Congrats to Casey Allum – the 2016 PIR King of The Track!




OCTOBER 4, 2016


The weather isn’t looking too promising for the “Mike Francis” KOTT final tomorrow night – fingers crossed, we’ll see you then!




SEPTEMBER 28, 2016


Tonight is the final qualifying night for the Mike Francis Memorial King of The Track series.  Weather permitting, the final (and final ET race of the season) will be held next Wednesday (Oct. 5).  Thanks to JD Enterprises (Jeff Cross), RC’s Auto & RV Collision Center (Rene Crunelle), Bill Hall Body & Frame and City Sprint Delivery Service (Dave Clancy), the KOTT purse is $2000!   On a sad note, long time Jr Dragster supporter Jim Fluge has passed.  To quote Ray Bettger, “He was a big supporter of the Junior Drag Racing program and effected so many in such a positive way.  I would hope everyone has a chance to meet such a fine person like him in their life time”.   



SEPTEMBER 26, 2016


This week’s winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will once again receive bonus payouts from The NWDRA and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants (Robert Jackson, Jr.)!  Just a reminder from the tower, please make sure your “dial ins” are written clearly.



SEPTEMBER 19, 2016


This week’s winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from The NWDRA and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants (Robert Jackson, Jr.)!  Just a quick note about Jolly Restaurants – if you order one of their spicy bloody marys, I would highly recommend wearing your “fire jacket” when doing so…..  Team members, if you haven’t already contacted Lettie or Ken, please do so ASAP. 




SEPTEMBER 16, 2016


If you missed Bill Anthony’s presentation of Drag Race Photography, check it out on You Tube!




SEPTEMBER 14, 2016


John Masterman’s annual rundown on the Finals:


We came, we saw, we watched it rain. I had pondered finding a way to get the kayaks up there to paddle in the river. I didn't know they would have been handy as pit vehicles!
It was a cost-saving weekend. The gambler's race was cancelled (rain). The dash for cash was cancelled (rain). There was one round of time runs on Thursday. But the big, important races (eventually) were completed! Noteworthy performances were Hunter Jackson winning Sunday's race in Jr. Lightening, Kevin Bromley winning bike/sled on Sunday, Duncan Gray runnered-up on Sunday in thunder, and Ashley Thompson won the High School race of champions!   Tyler Dietrich made it to round four in the ROC, as did Bill Heard (which team did Bill race for? I still don't know)    Mike Guild also made it to round four on Sunday, defending the honor of the back row. I (Masterman) got very charitable in round three Sunday, and gave the stripe back by .0018. How generous of me.
The weekend was wet, but still fun. The ROC wasn't completed until nearly dinnertime on Monday. But it WAS completed. Saturday through Monday saw some amazingly questionable operations decisions. But hey, I'm not in charge of the division.
Seattle (Pacific) won the overall team title on Sunday, interfering with the well known efforts of Team Woodburn. Try again next year, everyone!
And no, we don't know where next year's finals will be yet. Tune in sometime after the 22nd of January for a possible update on the location.
Vote for Travis!



SEPTEMBER 12, 2016


Just a friendly reminder to those who charge their car between rounds.  Please remember to disconnect your “battery” charger before pulling out of your pit spot!  This week’s winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from The NWDRA and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants (Robert Jackson, Jr.)!





Tonight’s winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from The NWDRA and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants (Robert Jackson, Jr.)!  When the Booster Club people come around tonight, you’ll want to have a chat with them about “tires”.




Congratulations to 2016 PIR High School Track champion – who is now also the 2016 NHRA Division 6 High School champion!



Congratulations also go to Kevin Bromley for winning Motorcycle on Sunday and to Hunter Jackson for winning Jr. Lightning on Sunday!  More on the 2016 Finals to come…….




I hope everybody can attend this event being put on by Bill Anthony tonight. Many of you have met Bill by now and I know those of you who have seen his work are just as impressed as I have been. Bill has a great eye and a great talent for capturing the human element of what we do. I highly encourage all of you to attend his event - hope to see you there!

For more info, click HERE.



AUGUST 29, 2016



Congrats to Brent McKinney for winning the Gresham Transmission 2016 Perfect Light Race!


Best of luck to everyone heading to Mission for the 2016 Division 6 ET Bracket Finals!  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.  I don’t want to think the Myasthenia Gravis has defeated me, but I suppose in this case it has.  If you need to contact Lettie, her number is 503-644-5707.  She will be leaving Thursday morning so after that you will need to contact her at the motel.  Pete will likely be heading up after the Beaches Drags on Wednesday night – his home number is 503-626-0579 and cell is 503-740-6357. There will be two 50/50 raffles at Mission – on Friday you will need to work “ROC” into a sentence and on Saturday “seven”.  Again, I really wish I could be there with all of you…. 




AUGUST 23, 2016


This Saturday night (Aug 27) is the Gresham Transmission perfect light race.  Anybody who has received a perfect light t-shirt this past season is eligible to race at this special event.  The gates open at 5:30 (regular Saturday night admission applies). If you have any questions, please contact John Floyd Jr. or Harry Cole at Gresham Transmission 503-669-1555.


Racers who are planning on attending the Bracket Finals in Mission will need to attend a mandatory team meeting this Wednesday night (Aug 24) at 7:00 at the base of the tower.


The winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle this Wednesday night will receive a bonus payout from Tabor’s Automotive Machine and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants!


Just a reminder from the folks in the tower, please make sure your “dial-ins” are written clearly and legibly!



AUGUST 18, 2016


This Friday (Aug. 19) will be the third (and final for 2016) ET Bracket Racing Seminar.  If you know of anybody who might be interested in this free (with regular PIR admission) seminar, have them come on out!




AUGUST 15, 2016


The 2016 Division 6 ET Bracket Finals info package is posted HERE and HERE.

If you’re going to “Canada”, be sure to read both documents, eh?  Team racers please note there will be a mandatory meeting on Wednesday the 24th at 7:00 at the base of the tower (rain or shine, you will need to be there).

Winners this week in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Kevin Bromley and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Masterwire (Mike Nicholson)!




AUGUST 11, 2016







AUGUST 9, 2016


This Wednesday (Aug. 10) is the last race of the Four Race Mini Series.  Sponsored by Dietrich Family Racing and S&T Truck Repair, in addition to the usual big bucks race payout, the points leader of the series will receive an additional $1000 bonus!  Even if you aren’t planning on racing, I would encourage you to come out – it should be fun to watch.  And for those of you racing, don’t “red light” your chances away! 


AUGUST 5, 2016


Some fun from the past (1984).



Sorry I spaced out posting some of my 32 Funny Car fliers a few weeks ago.  Oh well, something to look forward to next year!



AUGUST 2, 2016


Winners this week in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from RC’s Auto & RV Collision Center (Rene Crunelle) and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants (Robert Jackson, Jr.)! The Booster Club will be conducting a survey this week – be sure to let them know what brand of “mufflers” you are using.


JULY 25, 2016


I’m pleased to report that last Friday night’s ET Bracket Racing Seminar was another successful one!  So much so in fact, that for the month of September, a Trophy/Novice bracket will be added to the regular Wednesday night program!  Details to come.


This Wednesday night’s winners in S/P, Pro SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus from Metro Windows & Doors (Joe Billups) and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants (Robert Jackson, Jr.).  Along the lines of sponsors, weekly sponsors are needed for August and Sept.  If you can help, see Lettie.  Jeff Cross has started the payout fund for the KOTT Mike Francis Memorial race by putting up $500 – if you would like to help, again, see Lettie.  Don’t forget your “helmet”, and we’ll see you on Wednesday night!




JULY 21, 2016


Just a reminder to everyone to keep saving your soda can, beer can, etc. pull tabs – it’s for a great cause.  Turn them in to Cliff Waldron.






JULY 19, 2016


Tomorrow night is the third installment of the Four Race Mini Series – sponsored by Dietrich Family Racing and S&T Truck Repair.



Okay, I give – I’m not coming up with a creative way to work “oil down” into a sentence, but see what you can come up with when the 50/50 Booster Club people come around tomorrow night – it will be worth a bonus ticket!



JULY 12, 2016


Winners this week in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Cruisin The Gut (Phil Medina) and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants (Robert Jackson, Jr.)! With more “spectators” in the stands these days, becoming a weekly sponsor is a great way to promote your business – see Lettie for details.  



JULY 5, 2016


The “Wally” winning Wednesday National Dragster Challenge race is sponsored by Bud’s Auto Wrecking (Brian Overturf) and Cruisin The Gut in Vancouver on July 16.



JUNE 28, 2016


By all accounts, our first Friday night Bracket Racing seminar was a success! We had 7 out of the 28 cars running that night come over and try their hand at some actual racing competition. 




With “reaction times” improving each round, the driver of this Chevy Sonic was the winner!

We are hoping to put on at least two more of these seminars on Friday nights – I’ll post the dates and more info once I know for sure.  Speaking of winners, this week’s winners in S/P, Pro S/M and Motorcycle will receive a $25 bonus from RC’s Auto & RV Collision Center (Rene Crunelle), and the runner-ups will receive a $20 gift certificate to Jolly Restaurants (Robert Jackson, Jr).




JUNE 21, 2016


After a several year break, the pie raffle returns!  The first offering will be a tasty strawberry – rhubarb.  See the 50/50 Booster Club to purchase your ticket(s).



JUNE 20, 2016


Winners this week in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Heriford Family Racing and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants! 


ET Bracket Racing 101.

In an effort to bring some new blood into the sport on Wednesday nights (High School Bracket in particular), Pro Bracket racer Brad Tucker has come up with an excellent idea: host some handicap racing clinics during the Friday night street legal drags.  Of course this wouldn’t be limited to just high school students, but would be open to anyone – young or old who would like to take the next step from just going down the track to actual racing competition on Wednesday nights.  The first of these seminars will take place this Friday (6-24), with two or three more planned for the season.  If you know of anybody who might be interested, please encourage them to be at PIR this Friday night.  While I think we have enough volunteers to cover the first clinic, if you would like to help at a future event, let me or Lettie know.   Everything from staging to how to read a “time slip” will be covered.   









JUNE 13, 2016


Four Race Mini Series update from Charlie Dietrich:



This Wednesday (June 15) is the second of the Four-Race Mini Series at PIR presented by Dietrich Family Racing and S&T Truck Repair (Shane Molinari).  With the success of the first race we are looking to have an even better turn out.  At the race all of the racers discussed and adjusted the racing format to a process that everyone could agree on.  We are going to stick with the changes we made and continue to adjust accordingly.  

Here are the adjustments and other facts that were used for the first race:

  • Time trials will be run as separate usual classes to keep the flow of the evening more smooth.
  • First round will be all vs. all and will be laddered.
  • The third time trial will be the qualifying run and will be a bogey-style contest (dial-in and best overall package wins).
  • Loser bracket will be first round and second round losers (if there was more cars we may change to only first round losers).

Here is the expanded payout to accommodate more cars.



Remember to tell your friends and lets fill the staging lanes!  Gates open at 4:00.




Please note that just like any other Wednesday night bracket race at PIR, mufflers are required (103 db maximum “noise” limit).





JUNE 8, 2016




JUNE 6, 2016


Winners this week in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from the NWDRA and the runner ups will receive a bonus from Jolly Restaurants!   Perhaps I will have come up with a creative way to work the word “single” into a sentence when the booster club people come around on Wednesday, but right now, I’ve got nothing…….     


MAY 31, 2016


This week’s winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Metro Windows and Doors (Joe Billups) and the runner ups from Jolly Restaurants (Robert Jackson, Jr.).  Lettie is still looking for weekly sponsors for the Second Chance bracket.  Lettie also wanted to remind everybody who is planning on going to the Team Race this year to be sure your “passport” is up to date!




MAY 26, 2016


For those of you who share an interest in Vanport, you will be sure to want to check out the Vanport Mosaic Festival (May 27th-30th).  Perhaps the most interesting part to us PIR racers will be taking place at the track on Monday – see the schedule in the link above.  And for those of you who are new here, be sure to check out the PIR History page of this site.




MAY 24, 2016


A race report from Charlie Dietrich



Last Wednesday the 18th marked the first of four in the first ever Four Week Mini Series presented by Dietrich Family Racing and S&T Truck repair.  We had over 40 cars, bikes and dragsters all gunning for the extra cash.  We had usual PIR competitors along side competition from neighboring Woodburn and as far as Seattle.  The eliminations saw close races and packages so close it was anybody's game.  Cars from all four of the usual classes went deep into the rounds.  We had motorcycles beating dragsters, street cars beating pro cars, it was truly a battle to the finish.  In the final round it was super pro vs. pro.  With Mike Nicholson in his black mopar powered dragster defeating Raymond Rippe in his newly upgraded teal dart by laying down a stellar .024 package.   With such tough racing, the loser bracket contained many big name contenders all trying to redeem themselves.  In the final, a rematch of first round, Greg Kielman in his blue pro bracket 1969 Camaro outlasted Tyler Dietrich in his Super Pro black and silver Chevy powered Ford Roadster.


With the influx and interest is this event we will expand the table seen on the flyer to accommodate the payouts if more then 50 cars show up.  During the race and after we decided to change a few things to make the program run smoother, so that will all be detailed in a later post.  For now, let me just say thank you to all that participated, it meant a lot to my family and the track.  Tell you friends and keep getting the word out to make June's race even bigger!


Charlie Dietrich






MAY 23, 2016


Congrats to Mike Nicholson for winning the first of the Four Race Mini Series and taking the $1050 “payout”!  With 44 cars turning out (some coming down from the Seattle area), I’d say the first race was a success!  That said, I hope to see more of you out there for the next one (June 15).

Your sponsor for this week’s $25.00 bonus payout to the winners in S/P, Pro, SM and MC is RC’s Auto and RV Collision Center (Rene Crunelle).  Lettie is seeking additional weekly sponsors as well as a sponsor for the Second Chance bracket.  See her at the track or give her a call at 503-644-5707. 



MAY 13, 2016


This coming Wednesday will be the first of the Big Bucks four race points series.  I strongly encourage ALL Portland racers to participate.  The Dietrich family and S&T Truck Repair (Shane Molinari) have put this program together out of the goodness of their hearts, their love for PIR and for the racers – please support their efforts!  Tell your friends - I want to see those lanes full!



Wednesday May 18th (Other dates include June 15th, July 20th, and August 10th) will be the first of a Four Race Mini Series sponsored by Dietrich Family Racing and S&T Truck Repair (Shane Molinari).

  • $1,000 Guaranteed payout each race.  The more cars show up, the more the winner gets and the farther we pay down.
  • Entrance Fee will be $75 at the gate for all vehicles.
  • All normal PIR track rules apply (103 dba rating).
  • These races are ran as Non-Regular PIR points nights.
  • We will be keeping a separate points tally over the course of the four-race series to determine an overall champion.  Who will then receive a $1,000 bonus at the banquet for winning the series. 
  • There will be only ONE class ran at these events.
  • First round will be random pairing within your class lanes.
  • During time trials and first round, cars will line up like they do on any other Wednesday night (super pro together, pro together etc..) and will run together.  This is more for allowing a constant flow of action then anything else, we are still running as one class.  For example during first round if there is an odd number of sportsman cars, that last car will run someone from pro so there will only be one potential single.
  • Third round of qualifying will be a bogey round for #1 qualifier.
  • There will be only one potential bye from qualifying over all cars.
  • NO CROSS TALK, it does not matter if it is two super pro cars running each other, there will be no cross talk what-so-ever throughout the event.
  • Loser Bracket will be run at the conclusion of second round and is available for first round losers only.  We will match the $10 entrance fee for any car that enters the bracket (up to 50 cars).  Payout will be 75% to the winner and 25% to the runner-up.  For example 20 cars enter the loser bracket = $200 in entrance fees plus $200 of matched entrance fees = $400 pot.

Tell your friends and bring any car you can find!  We want more people to be able to experience what we love about PIR so it will be here for a long time.


If you have any questions feel free to email or call me (Charlie Dietrich)


                         (360) 635-8995



Just another reminder – when the track lights come on, it means you need to have a “tail light” on!




MAY 9, 2016


This week’s sponsor for the winners in S/P, Pro, SM and Motorcycle is the NWDRA.  Just a reminder, don’t start your “burnout” until you are given the signal to do so.



MAY 3, 2016


A big thanks goes out this week to JD Enterprises (Jeff Cross) as our weekly sponsor as well as a big thanks to Robert Jackson who provided gift certificates last week to his chain of Jolly Restaurants (The Sports Place, The Jolly Roger and The Jolly at John’s Landing).  Whether it’s a “transmission” repair shop or a dog walking service, if you or your company would like to help support our bracket racing program, weekly sponsorship opportunities are available (see Lettie). 





APRIL 26, 2016


With threats of rain again in the forecast for this Wednesday, perhaps some rain “slicks” might be in order…..



APRIL 19, 2016


The weather looks a lot more promising this week!  Gates open at 4:00, “Time trials” begin around 4:30 - 4:45 and eliminations around 7:00!




APRIL 11, 2016


Just a reminder to all racers – be sure to completely fill out your “tech card”.  I Need the info when submitting our results to National Dragster, Pete needs the info for the Be a Member, Be a Winner program and so on.  Also, please print clearly!



APRIL 4, 2016


Lettie is desperately seeking weekly “sponsors”.  If you, your business, or someone you know might be interested in being a weekly sponsor ($100 week), please contact Lettie Hilles at 503-644-5707 – she’d really love to hear from you!




MARCH 23, 2016


IMPORTANT SCHEDULE UPDATE NOTICE – this Saturday (weather permitting of course) IS a points race for Jr. Dragsters.



MARCH 22, 2016


The weekly bonus word returns this week!  And as a reminder, there are no points for “Jr. Dragster” this Wednesday night.




FEBRUARY 17, 2016 (UPDATED 3-1-16)


Thanks again to Dietrich Family Racing and S&T Truck Repair, Big Bucks Wednesdays return for the 2016 season - but with a twist.  This year the four race bonus payout nights will be run as its own one class, mini race points series with big payouts at each event (amount will be based on car/bike count) as well as with a $1000 bonus payout to the four race champion!  Dates are May 18, June 15, July 20 and August 10.  Entry fee is $75 for each date.  Please note that with the exception of Jr. Dragster, there will be no regular PIR points awarded on the nights of the Big Bucks Series (no regular bracket race program for S/P, Pro, SM or Bike on those nights).  First round pairings for this series will be from each bracket, second round and beyond will be all run with all classes intermixed.  I’m still waiting for the official word regarding the use of Cross Talk on the S/P cars.  I’ll post the answer as soon as I get the word.  For more info, click HERE.      UPDATE 3-1-16 Cross Talk will NOT be allowed.


JANUARY 22, 2016



JANUARY 19, 2016


If you haven’t already done so, it’s still not too late to vote for Rochelle Robnett in the Champion Spark Plugs “Search For A Champion” contest.  Please show your support for one of our racers!  Click HERE to view her video and vote.


JANUARY 15, 2016


Some pics from the 2015 PIR Awards Banquet from Carol Brown.



2015 Super/Pro Track Champion Charlie Dietrich.




2015 Pro Track Champion Matt Kielman.




2015 Sportsman Track Champion Adam Tabor



2015 Motorcycle Track Champion Don Vandehey.




2015 High School Track Champion Cameron Loos.





2015 Jr. Dragster Lightning Track Champion Adam Lint.




2015 Jr. Dragster Thunder Track Champion Audianna Maine.




2015 Driver(s) of the Year (Pro Matt Kielman, Sportsman Adam Tabor).




2015 Jr. Dragster Driver of the Year Cooper Chun.




2015 Rookie of the Year James Heriford, II.




2015 Most Improved Driver Tom Loos.




2015 Sportsman Award Harry Cole.




2015 Hard Luck Award Mike Guild.


Thanks again to Carol Brown for the pics.

These and more can be seen at her website.


JANUARY 12, 2016


Happy New Year!  We’re back!


Banquet pics, 2016 schedule and more coming soon…….





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