Welcome to the unofficial (but pretty much official) Portland International Raceway Bracket Racing site!

The focus of this site will remain as it has been for the past twelve years – as a source to keep you updated on the Bracket Racing program at PIR. I'll leave the street legal races, import races, etc. up to someone else.  While this remains a volunteer deal, as with all previous seasons, I’ll do my best to post the race results and current point standings within 24 hours of receiving them.  I will also continue to submit the weekly race results to National Dragster. 

If you have any information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at Portland International Raceway that you would like to have posted here, just send an e-mail to:

Greg Rollin


DECEMBER 18, 2012


The 2013 schedule is now posted in the Schedule section, and a 2013 points sign up

sheet posted in the Info section.  I’ll post any further updates as soon as I receive them.


Super Pro racers – there was some discussion last season about changing the points

structure.  Some ideas were possibly changing the #1 qualifier point to ½ a point

(to lessen the chances of points ties).  Another thought was to post a dial in on the

third time trial run with an extra point (or ½) going to the driver with the best package

(closest to his dial / best RT).  If you have any thoughts or input, please send me

an email.  Whatever changes (if any) are to be made, they will need to be done prior

to the beginning of the 2013 season.    Along the lines of Super Pro, there will

be a first round S/P (“Lettie’s Losers”) category in 2013.   



DECEMBER 13, 2012


Many of you might not know that one of our regular Wednesday night racers is the

2012 National Hot Rod Diesel Association World Champion!  Competing in the Pro Stock

class of the NHRDA, Michael Pliska has been the "hired gun" driving the MBRP DirtyMax truck

 for the G&J Diesel racing team.  Michael drove the truck for 4 years previously, but stepped out

of the driver's seat in 2011 to focus on building his own Pro Stock truck.  The opportunity came up

to drive the MBRP truck again for the last points race of the season in Billings, MT as well as

the World Finals at the famed Texas Motorplex in Ennis, TX.  They set low ET at the Billings event,

but a problem with some recent changes kept them from firing up for the semi-finals.  In Ennis they

were still fighting problems but managed to put down several good runs on the way to winning the

final round and the "winner take all" World Championship.  In the final round some wastegate smoke blocked the starting line beams (which typically results in about a 0.4 second false reduction in ET),

and the engine backfired at the 1,000 foot mark, but at that point the race was over as his opponent

had damaged an engine and lifted.  He coasted through for a 7.98 at 151.97. 







DECEMBER 10, 2012


I apologize for not getting any pictures at yesterday’s 2012 PIR awards banquet. And unfortunately

Carol Brown was unable to make the banquet this year (but we certainly appreciate the team

race photo gifts and the slide show!) – if Cindy’s shots came out, perhaps I can post those

in the next day or so…


Update 12-11-12 Thanks Cindy Macias for the pics!

(P.S. Cindy sent me most, if not all the pictures she took that day, so if anybody

wants one she may have got of you, just let me know).


Congratulations to all 2012 Portland International Raceway

Bracket Racing Track Champions!


Super Pro: Dave Sattem



Pro: Paul Comeau



Sportsman:  Gordon Cady, Jr.



Motorcycle: Mark Canty



High School: Charlie Dietrich



Jr. Lightning: Casey Ladd



Jr. Thunder: Adam Lint


 Special 2012 Awards:


Most Improved Driver: Greg Rollin



Sportsman of the Year: Mark Canty



Rookie(s) of the Year: Jeff Cross and Cory Wayne (pictured)



Driver(s) of the Year: Paul Comeau and Dave Sattem



Street Bike Challenge: Phil Lang


Congratulations to all award winners! 



NOVEMBER 8, 2012


Sometime in the next few days I will be moving this site to a different host/provider.

While everything should go smoothly, but having been down this road before, I know

that even the best laid plans don’t always go as they are supposed to.  With any

luck there won’t be any issues, but it might not be a bad idea to print that banquet

reservation form today just in case……




NOVEMBER 6, 2012



WHERE: Shilo Inn 11707 NE Airport Way, Portland, Or.

TIME: 10:00 am To 3:00 pm

WHEN: Sunday, Dec. 09, 2012


Join us for a fun filled day of awards, food and bench racing.

We will have a 50/50 drawing and door prizes.

10:00 am no host bar and bench racing (and telling big lies about the season).

10:30 – 11:00 Brunch

12:00 Awards and door prizes


Click HERE for a reservation form (needs to be returned to Pete no later than November 28).

The form is in pdf format – if you need it in some other format, let me know.



OCTOBER 9, 2012


While all the points races are over for the season, the next three Wednesday nights (Oct 10, 17 and 24)

will be ¼ mile test and tunes and (possible) cash bash races.  Gates open at 4:00.


OCTOBER 4, 2012


The final round of 2012 King of The Track series came down to two former Division 6

Champions.  Paul Comeau and Gordon Cady, Jr.


Photo: Carol Brown


Photo: Carol Brown


Paul took the win light – and the Wally!



SEPTEMBER 25, 2012


From the Booster Club:


The 50-50 word of the week is: Eliminations


Also, if you are coming to the Potluck and have not contacted either Lettie or Ken, do so ASAP!!!!




SEPTEMBER 20, 2012


Sorry for any problems with the site yesterday.  I had been having some issues with the index page on

the business side of the site and after a bunch of attempts to correct the issue, we determined the best

solution was to restore the entire site back to a week or so ago.  Which meant I had to redo some things

on the business side as well as the brackets side of the site.  I think I’ve got all the brackets stuff back up

to date, but if you see anything that I’ve overlooked, please let me know. 

Actually, let that be a lesson to those of you who wait until the last minute and only check the site

for the weekly 50-50 word – you’re missing all kinds of other stuff by doing so!



SEPTEMBER 18, 2012


From the Booster Club:


'Twas the week before Dinner and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even the cooks!!
Why would you ask, because we haven't heard from any of you to know how
many to plan for
So please, don't delay, give us your answer today.
The 50-50 word is Footbrake





SEPTEMBER 14, 2012


Couple of things from the Booster Club:


Many Thanks to Gresham Transmission for the PIR increased payout for many weeks of racing this year.


Gresham Transmission offers outstanding repair services for the times when    

something on your vehicle is not working properly or may have worn to the point

at which a replacement is necessary to maintain your vehicle’s performance.   


Visit them at:    Gresham Transmission    http://www.greshamtransmission.com 

                  1014 NE Division

                  Gresham, OR  97030




Patriots Booster Club Presents

Congratulations for a job well done at the 2012 Summit E.T. Finals Team Race


Congratulations Scott!!

Congratulations Greg!!           Congratulations Gary!!

Congratulations to our 2012 Division 6 Champion


Help us celebrate Scott Lang winning Sunday PRO and Greg Rollin Runner-up in ROC Super-Pro and Gary Ericksen Runner up on Sunday Super-Pro.


 Mark your calendar:                          Thursday September 27th

At the Track

(Under Beaches tent - Rain or Shine)


Bench Racing Starts at 6:00

Potluck starts about 6:30

Raffle:  50 / 50  (is there a secret word?!?!?)


The Booster Club will provide the Main Dish (Chicken), paper goods, Fun and Games.


Team Members need to bring the following:

            A dish to share:          Main, side, salad or dessert (no chips, lots left over from Seattle)

Beverages for your family   (Some beverages left over from Seattle)

Lawn Chairs


This event is open to all 2012 Patriot Team Members and their immediate families.  Everyone, Please RSVP (Yes or Regrets) by Friday  9/21th with number attending (adults & kids) to Lettie @ 503.644.5707 (msg. OK) or email to Ken  (edio@clear.net), or phone @ 503.698.8900

PIR Team Banquet Information to Follow (YES another Party!!!)










2012 NHRA Division 6 ET Bracket Finals pictures and race report.




Pro bracket final round on Sunday.




“Sideways” Scott Lang took home the Wally in the Team Race!




Your webguy Greg Rollin in the Super/Pro Race of Champions final round.





Almost, but no Wally or trip to Pomona for you!

“Brake pedal” are the two words that will be bouncing around in my head for the next twelve months…..





Gary Ericksen made it to the Team Race Super/Pro final round!



Unfortunately it was not Gary’s day either, but a job well done never the less!




Leon Price took home the Best Appearing Pro car award!





The Best Appearing Sportsman Car award went to Paul Comeau for his 39 Chevy!



Thanks to Carol Brown for the pictures!  Carol was there for the entire event and was taking pictures

the vast majority of the time.  If you were there, chances are she got a shot or two of most – if not all

of your runs.  She will be posting them on her website shortly. 

Thanks Carol – we most definitely appreciate all your efforts and time spent!


As promised, here is an event recap by John Masterman:



A rundown on the weekend at Pacific Raceways: Mike Pliska wins best appearing Pro car!!!!! Not really, but made you look. It was a fun, and rather successful weekend of racing and hanging out at this year's bracket finals. The racing went well, the food was tasty, and the weather was nothing less than incredible. No hint of moisture the whole weekend, sunny nearly the whole time, and highs in the 70's. I could never ask for better than that!
     A few of our team members arrived on Wednesday. We got unloaded, through tech, and enjoyed a casual afternoon and evening. I set up a couple cones next to my pit area that had "reserved" signs to allow for a Thursday afternoon arrival of my neighbor. With a nearly empty pit area, a fellow competitor (certainly NOT from our track) managed to run over one of the cone/signs. Reall? The dirty deed was witnessed. More on this later.
    Thursday was test and tune day. After a few minor tech details were ironed out, those participating made two time runs each. Most gathered some useful information on weather and track conditions in preparation for the upcoming events. As for me, I took  up space on the track.... Hey, I paid my money, and had fun! Stop shaking your head. Done by 5pm, and no issues on the track. Time for the team captain's meeting at 5:30. The information shared in that meeting caused much groaning and complaining... We had until 11pm on Friday to race, but after being assured there was no noise curfew (This track has a noise curfew of 5:30 beginning on September first, regardless of day of the week) in advance of the event, we did in fact have a 5:30 shut down time on Saturday and Sunday. So much for it being handled. Don't get me going on that topic.
    Friday morning was sunny and wonderful, yet again. Time runs began for everyone. Then it got weird. It was a tough day for many vehicles. There was better than three hours of total down-time to clean up various incidents on the track. From Mr. Pliska's failed transmission seal to a triple barrel-roll by a super-pro racer (from another track), it was a busy day for cleanup. Mike's transmission was out, repaired, back in and ready to go in plenty of time for the start of the gambler's race! Many thanks to everyone involved in that repair.
    The final major oildown of Friday was a severe differential failure, again in super pro. Once the offending vehicle was loaded on the flat-bed tow truck for track removal, I was reminded of something: Karma's a bitch! It was the fellow that ran over my cone. Enough said.
    The gambler's race had a HUGE entry list! Economy or not, racers were there to race, not watch other racers. Perhaps 2/3-3/4 of the competitors entered the gambler's race in various categories. Due to the large amount of down time earlier in the day, only the first round was run in daylight. Talk about playing right into our hands......   Despite the best efforts of the track crew, the race was nowhere near finished at the 11pm curfew. There were several PIR competitors still in when it came time to divide up the money! Surprised? Shouldn't be. That's OUR time of day! I can't remember exactly who was still in competition, and no official records were kept. We definitely made our presence known.
    Saturday morning came rather early, after the late night Friday (yawn). Everyone made a time run, and then we began the Race of Champions. The time crunch was in full force from the beginning of eliminations. Three or four rounds were completed before the shut down time, depending on category. Of the remaining ten cars in super pro, four of them raced for PIR! I have often talked about how well our SP racers do at the bracket finals, and this was no different than in years past. Tip of the hat to all the 1/8 mile folks ;)  Completion of the RoC was scheduled for Monday, as nobody seriously thought that Sunday's race would indeed be finished on Sunday.
    Sunday morning came with more beautiful sunshine. The weather stations were all being fondled and checked before carefully choosing dial-ins. Off we went! The day went without any fluid leakage issues! A few drops maybe, but nothing major. The cars staged and went down the track in a steady blur. No breaks, no time wasted. Surprisingly, the entire race was going to happen! After the remaining RoC competitors had fallen out of Sunday's race, the remainder of the Saturday competitors were called to the lanes to finish their race. The activity level was so high that it was difficult to even follow. I made my way to the tower to set some people straight, so I got to help call the final hour or two, and witness the madness in the tower firsthand. There was  LOT going on up there!
    The quarterfinals in RoC super pro had five competitors. Three were ours. Greg Rollin finally beat Dave Sattem this year, but it took a trip north to do it ;). Greg went to the final, but came up just short of a win. Excellent effort, Mr. Rollin! Rocket power! Sideways Scotty Lang took the final round in Sunday's race in pro bracket, against Woodburn's pro hitter, Nick Shepherd. Pinto power, baby! Scott's win got him a Wally, and a very large check. Congrats, Mr. Lang! Gary Ericksen fell victim to a redlight start in the final of super pro, but we still got to take pictures with his million-pass wagon. The only remaining racing to finish was the semi-finals in bike/sled. Cory Wayne was one of the three to finish up Monday morning, as time had run out before curfew. He had a solid cheering squad, but was knocked out of competition in the semi's.
    Leon Price's 56 Chevy won best appearing pro car honors, and Paul Comeau won best-appearing car honors in sportsman (again). Lots of pictures, lots of fun. Our team as a whole came in second place in the final standings. That other track further south in the valley took the title this year. We will try again next year!!!
    Apologies to anyone that truly deserves a mention but was overlooked. This was done from my cloudy memory while at work :)



In addition to racing, John also spent some time during the weekend entertaining everyone

from the announcers booth. 






This week’s booster club message:


A big thanks to Harry Cole and Gresham Transmission from everybody at PIR for their five weeks of sponsorship!

While there will be a 50-50 drawing tonight, there is no secret word this week.  The word of the week will return next Wednesday night.



Well damn. It looks like not only did those guys from that track down south emerge as the

winner of the Team Race, they also beat us (by one point) to take the Track Manager’s Challenge.

On a better note, Carol Brown has sent me some event pictures and John Masterman has

accepted my request to write a race report.   Look for those to be posted here soon.  





As I’m sure most of you probably know by now, Team PIR finished a respectable second place in the

points standings at the Team Race!   I’ll post our standing in the Track Managers Challenge as soon as I

learn the final score.  I’ll also post some more info from the race as well as some pictures soon. 

In the meantime, a quick congrats to Scott Lang for his Pro bracket win in the Team Race, to

Gary Ericksen for the Super Pro runner up in the Team Race and to that Rollin guy for his

runner up finish in Super Pro in the Race of Champions!



AUGUST 28, 2012


The King of the Track series takes a night off this Wednesday for the

Run What Ya Brung Drags.  For tech requirements, click HERE.

The KOTT series returns for race number two on Wednesday Sept. 5. 



AUGUST 27, 2012


Thanks to the efforts of our main man Pete, the team race pit / parking area has been revised!




AUGUST 24, 2012


Evidently our “down in the sticks” pit location didn’t go over too well with the powers that be.

Check back later for a revised pit/parking map!



AUGUST 23, 2012


Revised (Pro) points now listed.  Remember, if you have any questions regarding

points or runoffs, please check with Pete (503-626-0579).


Pacific Raceways has updated their website with more ET Finals info (link in the upper

right hand corner of their home page). 




AUGUST 22, 2012


I just received and posted the final points standings for 2012.  The only non-final listing is the three way tie in Sportsman for 4th place in track standings – for which I believe the runoff will be held tonight.    



AUGUST 21, 2012


This week’s Booster Club message:


The Team race is fast approaching, remember the Team colors are Red,
White and Blue.  The Team Potluck is Friday, be sure and bring
something, or check the sign-up sheet this Wednesday.  The Team always
need Canopies, Barbeques and Ice Chests.
The Team Name, Portland Patriots, is also the 50-50 word this week and
everyone needs to ensure they have the correct dates for the hotel,
Thursday - Saturday dates are:  8/30 - 9/1.



Remember, the King of the Track points series starts this Wednesday (Aug. 22).



AUGUST 14, 2012


The 50/50 word of the week is “Team Race”.



AUGUST 9, 2012


There will be a team race meeting next Wednesday night (August 15) during the dinner break

at the base of the tower.  All team PIR racers are highly encouraged to attend.

If you have qualified for the team and still have not committed to racing for Team PIR,

the absolute deadline for doing so is Sunday August 19.  See Lettie in the tower or

give her a call (503-644-5707) or Pete (503-626-0579).




AUGUST 7, 2012


This week’s Booster Club message:


If you have, or need, a motel for the team race, See Lettie.  Remember,
Friday at the Team race is August 31st, Sunday is Sept 2nd!!
Persons are needed to help decorate the Grandstands, again, see Lettie
if you can assist.
Be sure to download and read the racers team race information packet
from the Division 6 website.  In it you will find the 50-50 word of the
week = 'ETI' and how it is extremely beneficial at the team race and
saves a lot of time.





AUGUST 1, 2012


Please note that as of July 25th, points have been adjusted.


The official 2012 NHRA Summit Racing ET Finals guidelines are now posted on the

NHRA Division 6 website.  For a direct link to the guidelines, click HERE.  For a direct

link to the competitors info sheet, click HERE.



JULY 31, 2012


This week’s Booster Club message:


Reminder to everyone, if you are planning, or think you might be going to the Team Race, to let Lettie know ASAP!!


The word du jour is:  Tech Card (or in Beaverton, it might be Tek-Card).




JULY 28, 2012

Just a reminder – if you don’t fill in your vehicle information on your tech card, I won’t

have that info to post with the weekly results in National Dragster.



More fun from my PIR history files: July 28, 1979.





JULY 24, 2012

This week’s Booster Club message:


Last weeks bonus payout sponsor was Steve’s Precision Machine, Inc. (Tigard, OR)
The winners were:
Super Pro: Greg Rollin
Pro: Paul Comeau
Sportsman: Robert Glafka
Motorcycle: Cory Wayne
This weeks 50-50 word is:  Slicks.




JULY 17, 2012

Many thanks to the NWDRA for sponsoring last weeks race

with their Pay Day in the Park bonus payout!


This week’s 50/50 word is Traction.


Congrats to Dave Sattem for his win at the LODRS race at Woodburn this past

weekend – this guy is unstoppable I tell ya!  Good job Dave!


JULY 10, 2012


This week’s Booster Club message:


Last weeks bonus payout sponsor was S & J Automotive, courtesy of Scott & Frank Pettit
The winners were:      
Super Pro: Steve Laskowske 
Pro: Tommy Gaynor
Sportsman: John Nelson
Motorcycle: Mark Canty
Anybody that is going to the State Championship in Madras the week of July 21st, check in with Ken Green (K609).  
A flyer will be posed on the Tower Door.
The 50-50 word this week is payout, and you should try to use it in a sentence.





JULY 9, 2012


In addition to the NWDRA Pay Day in the Park, this Wednesday (July 11th) is also Scout Night.





JULY 6, 2012




JULY 5, 2012


Thanks to Carol Brown for providing these pictures of yesterday’s Wally winners.


Super Pro winner Steve Laskowske



 Pro winner Tommy Gaynor



Sportsman winner John Nelson



Motorcycle winner Mark Canty.



Jr. Dragster Lightning winner Dustin Day



Jr. Dragster Thunder winner Rion Coates




JULY 4, 2012


This week’s Booster Club message (sorry for the late posting – my fault)


Last weeks bonus payout sponsor was D & E Automotive, Vancouver WA.
The winners were:      Super Pro: Gary Ericksen
Pro: Paul Comeau
                       Sportsman: Gordon Cady, Jr.
Motorcycle: Cory Wayne
For the National Dragster Challenge, bonus payout is provided by:
        S & J Automotive, courtesy of and Scott & Frank Pettit.
Don't forget, gates open at 10:00 am this week, bring your golf cart for
the Golf Cart Race after the eliminations. And Wally is the 50-50
special word.




JUNE 28, 2012


I realized the other day that this page has grown quite a bit with pictures and what not and due to

the size, it might be slow loading for some of you.  If I get enough requests, beginning next month, I’ll

divide the News 2012 page into two sections.  Let ME know if it’s an issue for you.



JUNE 27, 2012




JUNE 26, 2012


This week’s Booster Club message:


Last weeks winners of the A+ Bail Bonds bonus payout were:

                Super Pro - Dave Sattem                 Pro          - Casey Allum
                Sportsman - Gordon Cady Jr              Motorcycle - Mark Canty

We have a sponsor for this week, but it is to be announced.

Tell you friends about the Race on July 4th, gates open at 10:00 am.  After eliminations are complete, there will be Golf-Cart Race, one time trial, 1st round buy-back.  50-50 word is burn-out.  There is also Slo-Drags planned (Slowest Car wins??) Check out the Beaches Flyer.

  > > > Tell you friends about the July 4th Race < < <




JUNE 25, 2012


(Thanks to Carol Brown for the above flier)


JUNE 21, 2012

I recently revised the race results sheet that the tower (Lettie) provides me with to now include

vehicle information.  If you would like your vehicle (year and model) listed with the race results

in National Dragster, be sure to completely fill out your tech card.


Note to Super/Pro racers.  Beginning next Wednesday (June 27th), the number one qualifier

will receive an additional point!


JUNE 19, 2012

This week’s Booster Club message:


OK, here is a long message from the Booster Club, to make-up for last
weeks short one!!
You all saw the below poster for the National Dragster Challenge on July
4th.   A Wally per class, Gates open at 10:00, See you there!!!
This is a reminder that after the Race, we are planning a Golf Cart
Race.  More info to follow, but plan on bringing your cart to the track
on the 4th.  The Cart Race will be similar to last years, including a
buy back.  
Also, a reminder that July 11th, is Payday in the Park, sponsored by
NWDRA (North West Drag Racing Association), it is also Scout Night at
PIR.  A poster is available on Carols Picture Website.  Extra $200
dollars to Winner, $100 to R/u, and $50 to Semi's.
Bonus Pay-out Catch-up
This Week, June 20th  --Sponsored by A+ Bail Bonds, Vancouver WA
Last Week, June 13th  --Sponsored by D & E Auto Care  Vancouver, WA
(Double Bonus, $50.)
          Super Pro                 Pro                  Sportsman    
         Nick Nicholson          Paul Comeau            Gordon Cady Jr.
        Jay Vandehey
Week Before, June 6th -- Sponsored by John Nelson Racing Vancouver, WA
         Super Pro                  Pro                  Sportsman
        Dave Sattem              Michael Pliska         Robert Glafka
        Dallas Payne
This weeks 50-50 word is Dial-In.





JUNE 18, 2012


Please note this is a points event.  In addition to the Challenge races, some other on track activities will be taking place as well as a Beaches Cruise-In event.  Details soon!


JUNE 14, 2012

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes last night.  Now if only my opponents would have taken a dive for me so I could have won, it would have been the perfect birthday!


On a serious and somber note, as I’m sure most of you know by now, Dallas Payne was killed in a motorcycle accident after leaving the track last Wednesday night (where he won Motorcycle Bracket). 

Carol Brown sent me a couple of her great shots to share.






Carol has posted a photo tribute to Dallas on her website.  If you would like to

send a card to his family, you can email her for the address.  Since I really didn’t

know Dallas, I would like to share a few words that Carol recently wrote about him.


Dallas was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.  He has a "light up the room" smile.

He will be very much missed at P.I.R. and in N.W.D.R.A., of which he was a member.

Dallas did win his last race, at P.I.R. last Wednesday.  Please keep his family in your thoughts

and prayers, and those racers who were close to him.  It has been a sad loss for us all”.


 While I don’t believe a date for a service or memorial has been set, but I will most certainly post any

information here that the family would like me to.




JUNE 12, 2012

This week’s Booster Club message:


This weeks bonus sponsor is again D & E Auto Care from Vancouver WA,
and the bonus payout will be DOUBLE to $50.00 per class!!
The 50-50 word is:  Staging Lanes





JUNE 5, 2012

This week’s Booster Club message:


The Booster Club wants to express our appreciation for everyone support.


We are still looking for additional sponsors for the weekly bonus payout.

If you know someone that may be interested, please contact Lettie.


Last week’s $25 bonus payout was sponsored by D & E Automotive recipients were:


Super Pro:  Dave Sattem

Pro:        Mike Pliska

Sportsman:  John Nelson

Bike:       Anthony Steinmeyer


We do have money for this week’s bonus payout, but still need more sponsors.


This week’s special 50-50 word is:  Scoreboard


Thanks again to everyone!!

The Booster Club.



This week’s pie raffle is strawberry rhubarb.



JUNE 1, 2012


From the racers point of view, the Beaches Cruise-In starting this coming Wednesday, is a good thing and a bad thing.  The good is it draws in more spectators which is good exposure – something that is especially beneficial to those with sponsors.  Plus, part of the proceeds from the cruise in goes to charity.  The downside of course has been the cruise in participants cruising their cars and motorcycles through the pits causing traffic and parking problems.  The other issue has been the socializing spectators who often don’t seem to be very aware of the fact that they are in a race car pit area. The good news is PIR will be taking some steps this year to correct these issues.  By fencing off a walkway and creating a crosswalk from the Beaches area to the grandstands, this should reduce much of the pit area congestion.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who welcomes and appreciates this change! 



MAY 29, 2012

This weeks Booster Club message/update:


Booster Club Message
We are still looking for sponsors for the increased winner's pay out.
If you, your you know anyone, would like to become a weekly sponsor,
please have them contact Lettie.
Here is a recap of the recipients of the previous sponsored pay-outs:
May 9th D & E Automotive               S/Pro -  Mike Francis
Sportsman   - Paul Comeau
                                              Pro    - Corey Seekins
Motorcycle - Cory Wayne
May 16th        A+ Bail Bonds         S/Pro - Dave Sattem
Sportsman   - Gary Adamson
                                              Pro    - Paul Comeau
Motorcycle - Mark Canty
If you have any leftover decorations from Memorial Day, (or July 4th)
and would like to donate them to the booster club for use in the team
race grandstands, please give them to Lettie or Ken.  We a looking for
items that are Red/White/Blue or with a patriotic theme.
We are still looking for the $206 50-50 winner from May 9th !!!  Always
check your ticket before recycling it.  The special word for this week,
May 30th : Handicap.
We should have a pie to raffle this week, we will try to find out the
flavor as soon as possible.





MAY 23, 2012

Today’s rainy day nostalgia fun. I recently heard some people were surprised

to learn that PIR used to host Fox Hunt Drags. Although in my opinion, they

were closer to a three ring circus than a drag race, the Fox Hunts were always

a popular event.  Here’s a flier from the 1980 event.





MAY 22, 2012

From the Booster Club:


Reminder, we still have a $206 50-50 payout from May 9th, blue ticket 
#121102, purchased right after Jack Russell!!
Extra Winner Payout
For all those that did not know, the Booster Club is securing sponsors
for an extra $25 payout for each weeks bracket winners.
We would like to thank the following companies for participating in the
bonus payout:
        1st Race Winner Sponsor)       D&E Auto Care, Vancouver, WA
        2nd Race Winner Sponsor)       A+ Bail Bonds, Vancouver, WA
        Next Race Winner Sponsor)      D&E Auto Care, Vancouver, WA
If you know a company that might be willing to sponsor $100 for the
weekly winners, please contact Lettie.
Booster Club Thank-You’s
The Booster Club would like to give a special thanks to the Comeau's,
especially Katryn and Vickie for there support.  Katryn is our weekly
pie baker producing the fabulous pie that we raffle off each week.  When
school is out, we might be able to post the flavor-of-the-week prior to
this post.  And a special thanks to Vickie for her assistance with the
2nd Chance Cash Bash sign-up.
The Booster Club would also like to thank all the racers for their
support of the 50-50 and pie raffle and for participating in the 2nd
chance Cash Bash.
The special word for this week is:  Roll-out .  Remember, all money
earned by the Booster Club is returned to the racers as at the team
race, the picnic, or the track banquet.
The Booster Club




While I’ve submitted the results from the three races we’ve got in so far this year to

National Dragster and obviously posted them here, but until last week’s race, I had

spaced out submitting the results to the Oregonian this year.  I sent in the results

from the May 16th race on the 17th and hopefully they appeared in the Scoreboard

column of the Sports section.  For many years they printed our weekly results but for

whatever reason, several years ago they stopped printing them. I was able to

get them back in last year and hopefully they will continue to print them this year.

If you have a chance, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to send them a Thank You

email to let them know we appreciate the listing.




MAY 16, 2012


From the Booster Club


This is a reminder to always check your 50-50 ticket!!


Last week’s 50-50 winner still has not claimed their winnings of $206.50!!


The Winning Ticket Number still is:  Blue 121102


The Booster Club will hold the money, for this winning ticket, until the PIR banquet.  The ticket was purchased right after Jack Russell’s ticket (121100), so if you remember purchasing your ticket after Jack, you are most likely the winner.


The word of the week is:      Rule Book


The Pie Flavor of the week is: Lemon meringue




MAY 8, 2012




A New Booster Club Raffle!


Beginning this week, thanks to culinary student (and Ol Gold crewperson)

Katryn Comeau, the booster Club will be adding a tasty additional raffle: 

Pie Palooza!


This week’s 50-50 word and more raffle info:




1)  The Tasty Announcement !!

This week’s Pie Flavor to be raffled is:  Apple

Tickets will be $1 each, separate tickets/drawing for the pie, see Lettie.


2)  Additional Winner Payout !!

Beginning this week, the winner in each category, will receive an extra $25 dollar payout.


This additional payout is due to Lettie’s determination to locate sponsors to provide this to the racers.

If you know of a potential sponsor, or are interested in being one, please contact Lettie.


The 50-50 special word this week is ‘pre-stage’.




MAY 3, 2012


The new win lights are up!  While the old lights remain in place for the

drivers, the new lights on the bridge make for a very welcome addition for

the spectators. 





MAY 1, 2012


From the Booster Club:


At the next Wednesday Night Bracket Race, look for an announcement from the booster club for a TASTY raffle prize.  This is to be come a regular/weekly feature.


The 50-50 secret word for 05-02, is ‘starting line’.  If we rain-out 05-02, it will be a different word for the following week race, so check the website regularly, at least a couple of times per week!!



APRIL 4, 2012


More rainy day fun:




1977 Time slip




1981 Time slip


I thought I’d bring back some more memories with these old time slips.  Obviously hand written and obviously not always completely filled in.  Which is certainly understandable considering the amount of manual work it took back then.  At least they had a rubber stamp for red lights!

Time slips used to be given out at the base of the tower.  They were sent down from the second story via a pvc pipe to the time slip person below who would then hand them to the driver or crew person.



From the Booster Club:


The 50-50 secret word for the next race is:     Cash Bash


This word is for the next 50-50, at the next bracket race, regardless of the date!!


The Booster Club also wants suggestions from the racers for naming the Booster Club’s 2nd Chance/Cash Bash race.

We need a good name for Portland to use.


Woodburn uses:   Run Tuff

Madras  uses:       Jackpot

Portland uses:       ????????


Your suggestion is wanted, What should Portland use ????


Write it down and mail/give to Lettie, or email Ken at edio@clear.net




March 21, 2012

No racing tonight (obviously), but we can still have a little fun.  Here’s another big event flier.

This Oregon Open / Rose Festival Drags flier is from 1980.




March 9, 2012


Sunday Test and Tune Cash Bash Results:  Congratulations to the first participants of the PIR Booster Club Cash Bash Sunday, March 4th.  The winner was Robert Glafka and the runner up was Gordon Cady.  The Booster Club has listened to the racers and made the following changes to the Cash Bash: Total Payout will be 80% of proceeds  split 2/3 to the winner and 1/3 to the runner-up.



There have been a couple of recent rule changes/amendments that you will

need to be aware of.  At this years Summit Racing ET Bracket Finals, an oil retention device

will be mandatory on all vehicles running 9.99 and quicker or exceeding 135 mph. For more info regarding tech for the Finals, click HERE.  


It appears the SFI certified window net issue has been basically dropped.  From the NHRA website, this sentence is to be deleted from the 2012 rulebook:


SECTION 4A: SUPER PRO, PRO, SPORTSMAN, INTERIOR:6, WINDOW NET (Page 5) (3/5/2012) Window net meeting SFI 27.1 mandatory in any full-bodied car required by the rules to have a roll cage.”


The following applies to window nets (basically as the rule was in 2011):


“A ribbon-type or SFI 27.1 mesh-type window net is mandatory for any full-bodied car running 7.50 (*4.50) to 9.99 (*6.39) or if vehicle runs 135 mph or faster. See General Regulations 6:3.”


Please see the NHRA rulebook revisions/amendments page for more info.



March 7, 2012

It appears something good did come out of my major computer crash a few weeks ago!

I found a file that I had started a few years ago for the History section that I thought I

had lost during a different crash.  It is basically just some newer (drag racing) history stuff

starting in 2000 and going through about 2005.  Nothing too exciting I suppose…..  But it

might be of interest if you are new to PIR.  Along the lines of old stuff, here’s another flier

from my archives.  This one is from 1978.




March 5, 2012

While the commitment to better traction is a welcome improvement for the racers,

 these new win lights will be a welcome improvement for the spectators .



As stylish as they look on the back of one of the track support trucks, the

lights will be mounted on the bridge near the reader boards.




March 2, 2012

Cool new deal for 2012 from the Booster Club!


Your PIR Booster Club will be active this Sunday for the PIR opening day.





Your Booster Club will conduct our initial Cash-Bash.

This will become a regular feature during each Points Race for all racers participating as a 1st Round Runner-up (Losing 1st round J ).


      The Entry will be $10 per car.

      Payout will be 60% of money collected

Winner     65%

Runner-up  35%


We also plan on conducting our initial 50-50 drawing; you could be the lucky winner!!!!








March 1, 2012

While we’re waiting for the season to begin, I thought I’d post up another one from

the archives.  This letter would have been from early 1983.  As noted in the history

section, the 100’concrete pad was installed (at a cost of $18,680) in 1983.




Along the lines of traction and “bite”, in a conversation with Pete the other day,

he mentioned one of his primary focuses for improvement of the facility this year

is going to be working on improving traction.  More frequent scrapings and more

(or different) traction compounds will be utilized.  The only downside of course being

these do come at a cost which means a slightly higher ($2) entry fee in each category.

In my personal opinion, this small increase will be well worth the benefit the racers will

 receive in return.  I’ve heard racers expressing their frustrations over the past few years

regarding traction (or more specifically, the lack of).  Of course the improved traction

means more consistency for everyone, but will also hopefully bring some of those 

racers back who were having traction issues.  Which in turn will result in higher car

counts, which in turn will result in higher payouts.  And besides that, it’s just a lot more

fun when there are more cars!


At this point, the weather forecast is looking good for the 2012 Winter Opener this Sunday!  Depending on turnout, this test and tune could evolve into a race of some sort, but whatever

the case, this is a non points race event.   



FEBRUARY 27, 2012

2012 Updated schedule now posted.  Still a few details to work out – one being whether or not to make the National Dragster Challenge / Jr. Dragster Challenge on Wednesday, July 4th a points race or not.  Let Pete know your thoughts.


Here is the backside of the (circa 1978) Blitz flier posted below.  I think you’ll really

get a kick out of some of these rules and regulations!






FEBRUARY 22, 2012

Still waiting for some clarification on a few of the events for 2012, but not

wanting to wait any longer, I have posted the most recent 2012 schedule in

the schedule section along with a printable (pdf) version.


JANUARY 20, 2012

While we’re waiting for the 2012 schedule details, I thought some of you might get a

kick out of  this circa 1978 pre-season flier.




JANUARY 10, 2012

I’m still working on the 2012 schedule page and I’ll post it as soon

as I get some updates / clarifications (hopefully sometime this week).

I’m also waiting on some updates to the Info page, but I have posted a 2012

points signup sheet there.






JANUARY 4, 2012


Damn – hard to believe this is the 12th year of this deal, but here we are!

Happy New Year everybody!

Check back in a day or so as I’ll be posting the 2012 schedule as well as updating

some of the other sections……. 



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