Welcome to the unofficial (but sort of official) Portland International Raceway Bracket Racing site! Now in its seventh year, the focus of this site will remain as a source to keep you updated on the Bracket Racing program at PIR. I'll leave the street legal races, import races, etc. up to someone else. Keep in mind this is still a volunteer deal, but I will do my best to keep the results and points standings up to date. As well as submitting the results to National Dragster. One thing I won't even try to promise this year is the picture pages. I will leave that up to you - the racers running for points at PIR to submit.

If you have any information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at Portland International Raceway that you would like to have posted here, just send an e-mail to:

Greg Rollin



 June 6, 2007

While the weather guessers are calling for rain this afternoon/evening, remember, rain or not, due to the Champ Car race this weekend, there will be no bracket racing tonight.

May 21, 2007

It was just brought to my attention that Mark Canty has put together a PIR drag bike web site

I'd be more than happy to list this sort of thing here, but you guys gotta let me know!

Along the lines of "it's up to you", as I noted above, I'd like to update the Photo pages, but it is up to you - the racers running for points, to send me your pics……


May 16, 2007

Don't forget, tonight is the NWDRA May Pay Day In The Park bonus payout race for May.


May 9, 2007

Due to all the rain outs, the NWDRA has decided to roll over the April "Pay Day In The Park" bonus cash payout for tonight (May 9).


May 2, 2007

Yet another rain out. There have been more rain outs than races so far this season! Hopefully, better weather is just around the corner......

I've been noticing an increase in hits this site has been receiving this season vs previous years. Since there is no racing tonight, perhaps you new viewers might be interested learning more about the history of PIR. If you haven't already, go back and click on the History link on the Home page. Along the lines of PIR history, I picked up an new (old -circa 1977) PIR event shirt at the Swap Meet a few weeks ago:

As you can see, the shirt features two events. Promoters often did this when they had left over shirts from a previous race. Sometimes they had many shirts left over as rain outs were as common back then as they are today…….


March 14, 2007

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Winter Opener at PIR! Points begin in all categories (except Jr. Dragster). Gates open at 9:00 am, eliminations at 12:30. While at this time, the weather people are showing a chance of rain on Saturday night as well as Sunday night, but Sunday looks clear. If it looks iffy on Sunday morning, call the track at 503-823-7223 for rain-out info.

Otherwise, BE THERE!


February 1, 2007

I can't believe I neglected to post this after I got my software problem figured out a few months ago…. Last fall, in an effort to bring the users of the track, its neighbors and the city together, the group Friends Of PIR was formed. I HIGHLY encourage all of you to visit their web site and sign up to receive their online newsletter.



January 30, 2007

The 2007 Bracket Racing schedule is now posted. Also see the INFO page for 2007 rules and regulations as well as a 2007 points sign up sheet.


January 21, 2007

From Donald Shepard (Pro Bracket # P603) comes this Racer Update:

Well, after all the back half work, and new motor last season in my yellow Nova I've got a few bugs to work out with it. We had a melt down in the motor (oil pump pickup broke off at the weld!!!!) and my rear suspension likes to bind and unload early. SOOO I've got a brand new motor being built (thanks to Richard Tabor). Corey Seekins is gonna help work out my suspension bugs. And Mark at METRO Transmissions is working over my tranny to take the new motor. Ran 10.88 at 122 with last motor. hoping for mid to low 10's with new motor.

I have it on good authority that Bob Brown will be making a return to the Brackets this season. This time with a Camaro which will be faster than the Vega he ran a few seasons ago. Look for pics here soon.



January 7, 2007

Let me first take this opportunity to wish everybody a happy 2007! I hope it's a great year for everybody! This site returns for its seventh season and while I don't have any major changes in store for this year, you can count on this place to provide all the information it has in the past - with maybe a few new twists thrown in here and there…..

As always this time of the year, if you have any racer updates (new car, sponsors, etc., etc.), send 'em to ME and I'll post it here in the News section. When submitting, please use the subject line "Racer Update" and if possible, please try to keep the photo sizes under 300KB - and in jpeg format.

I'll have some more stuff to add here in the next few days and I'll post the 2007 schedule just as soon as I receive.





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