Welcome to the unofficial (but sort of official) Portland International Raceway Bracket Racing site! Now in its fifth year, the focus of this site will remain as a source to keep you updated on the Bracket Racing program at PIR. I'll leave the street legal races, import races, etc. up to someone else. Keep in mind this is still a volunteer deal, but I will do my best to keep the results and points standings up to date. As well as submitting the results to National Dragster. One thing I won't even try to promise this year is the picture pages. I will leave that up to you - the racers running for points at PIR to submit.

 As for this sites goofy address, (3-16-05 Edit: this site address used to be www.pacifier.com/~rampage1) well it was free with my dialup account, and since I already have a web site for my business (shameless plug) www.supercarsunlimited.com, I thought I'd devote this one to all my fellow PIR Bracket Racers.

If you have any information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at Portland International Raceway that you would like to have posted here, just send an e-mail to: Greg Rollin



December 23, 2005 

30th Annual NWDRA Hi-Performance Automotive Swap Meet Sunday January 15, 2006. 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Clackamas County Fairgrounds (Highway 99E in Canby). Free parking. General admission $5.00 (children 15 and under are free). For more information, call 503-644-5707 or 503-656-0872.


November 1, 2005 

2005 Racers awards banquet info and printable reservation form HERE


October 18, 2005


PHOTO: Carol Brown

A happy 2005 King of the Track winner Nick Nicholson celebrates with his crew.


PHOTO: Eli Taghon

Pat and Kathy are getting married! You can join them via a live web-cast on Thursday October 20th at 7:00 at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. You can also see photos on-line at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com after the ceremony.


September 14, 2005

One of our racers is going to Pomona! Major congrats to 2005 PIR motorcycle track champion Mark Canty for his Race Of Champions win at the Division finals!


PHOTO: Carol Brown

More Team Race results coming soon……


August 26, 2005

Team Race info posted HERE. Remember, there is a mandatory team race meeting Wednesday August 31, 7:00 pm at PIR. Rain or shine.


August 23, 2005

While the final points have been posted and with the exception of Pro, the 2005 track champions named, there are several ties that need to be resolved. In Super Pro, David Chun, Jr. and Larry Smith are tied in the fourth spot for the Race of Champions. In Pro, Pat Figini and Corey Seekins are tied for the fourth spot in the ROC. Also in Pro, David Chun, Jr., Mark Saxe and Ron Wirostek will run off to determine the final spot on the team. And while all of these are high pressure situations for the racers involved, the toughest has to be for the top spot in Pro. Casey Allum and Scott Lang are tied with 70 points. What this comes down to is one race to determine the 2005 Pro track champion. No pressure there………

King of the Track update. The final race will be held on Sept. 28, not in October as previously listed. See below for more information.



(Dates are 8-24 & 31, 9-14 & 21 Finals on 9-28)




King of the Hill format will determine the overall winner on 9-28.

Winner will receive King of the Track – Wally

Note this will be held separate from the ET event on 9-28 and will include a payout from this group of cars. Winner take all……


July 25, 2005

Reminder: Due to the American LeMans race (July 29, 30, 31), there will be no bracket racing this Wednesday night (July 27). If you like close, intense racing, I highly recommend you make plans to attend the ALMS race on Saturday.



Congrats to Gary Ericksen for his win in Super Street at the Car Quest Nationals in Seattle!


2005 High School Drags Results


Winner: Kyle Comeau (8.01/7.92 @80.85), Runner-up: Cory Davis (7.76/7.70 @88.60), Semi: Adam Tabor.



Winner: Adam Tabor (8.53/8.52 @80.43) Runner-up: John Young (6.84/6.80 @96.46), Semi Tim Schillereff.



Winner: Jay Vandehey (15.39/15.38 @78.45), Runner-up: Kevin Bromley (9.84/9.77 @137.27), Semi: Cody Compton.



Cory Davis.



WINNER: Columbia River, Runner-up: Hudsons Bay.


July 11, 2005

Congrats to Mike Nicholson for his win in Super/Pro at the Division 6 Points Meet at Woodburn on Sunday!

Please note, as I will be attending the Oldsmobile Club of America Nationals next week, I will be unable to update the results and points until the following week.


July 5, 2005




Winner: David Chun, Jr. (7.99/8.00 @164.00), Runner-up: Dave Sattem (8.53/8.55 @157.31) Semi: Tim Schillereff.



Winner: Jeff Marchi (12.04/12.07 @104.22) Runner-up: Robert Brown (12.30/12.23 @107.99) Semi: Steve Stuart.



Winner: Eli Taghon (9.17/9.23 @68.10) Runner-up: Shawn Mayhew (9.51/9.55 @67.11) Semi: Austen Whitehurst, Tyler Schillereff.



Winner: Charlie Tiller (7.90/8.00 @75.91) Runner-up: Forrest Schiffman (8.91/8.98 @71.10) Semi Cydney DeFrang.



Winner: Jeff Staley (11.61/11.62 @115.87) Runner-up: Kevin Bromley (9.81/9.84 @136.23) Semi: Alan Roberts.


The hard working PIR crew that made it all happen.



June 30, 2005

Portland International Raceway Dragstrip

July 4, 2005

Gates Open 9am Qualifying and time trails run from 10am to 1:30pm

Gamblers Race 2 Classes* Entry * Electronic $55 * Non-Electronic $ 45

(Race for an NHRA Wally each class )

General Admission Adults $ 9.00 Child 6-12 $ 5.00

I-5 Exit 306-B Info 503.823.RACE



June 15, 2005

Believe it or not, I have (finally) updated the Crew page! Thanks to Pete for the pics…… Along the lines of PIR workers, congrats are in order to former timeslips girl Rachael Methke as she is graduating from Ashmead College on Saturday as a massage therapist. If you would like to send a card or something, I'm sure she would really enjoy hearing from her racing friends. Her mailing address is: 900 NE Minnehaha St #A16 Vancouver,WA 98665


June 9, 2005

Just a reminder, due to the Champ Car race at PIR June 17 - 19, there will be no Bracket Racing on Wednesday June 15.


April 9, 2005

A few updates. The General Info section now contains 2005 PIR drag racing information. And now that the season is underway, points standings are now listed. Speaking of points, if at anytime during the season, you have ANY questions regarding points, you must contact Pete (not me). I found a few cool new (old) pictures at the swap meet last weekend. These have been added to the drag pics page of the PIR history section.

March 21, 2005

We've moved! Welcome to the new location for the PIR Brackets / PIR History page! Be sure to bookmark this address as I am no longer making any updates to the old (pacifier.com) address. Additionally, that address will cease to exist at the end of April.

As you might have heard, due to the uncertainty of a noise variance needed for the scheduled Division 6 race to have been held here in August, the race has been moved to Mission Raceway. Hopefully things will work out for the race to be held here in 2006. On the bright side, cool as it would have been to have had a Divisional race return to PIR for the first time since 1985, we did get an extended concrete starting line in anticipation……… The new lights are up and working too….


March 1, 2005


Sometime within the next week or so I'll be finishing a major update to my business web site (supercarsunlimited.com). Part of which includes e-commerce shopping. This change will necessitate a switch of internet service providers. Since I will no longer be a customer of Pacifier.com, this web address will cease to exist. But fear not. I have a plan. Rather than use the web space offered by my new ISP (and have another goofy site address), this site will become incorporated into the Supercars site. With the new address most likely being something along the lines of www.supercarsunlimited.com/pirbrackets.htm Once I figure out the specifics, I'll post it here. In the event you miss the change, you can always get the link from the Supercars Unlimited home page.


February 26, 2005

As I'm sure most of you are aware, PIR is hoping to host a NHRA Divisional points event Aug. 5-7th. The event is still contingent on receiving a noise variance from the city. For which there will be several public information meetings held in March. For more information regarding the meetings as well as a detailed report of the application and such, please go to the PIR web site There is also a provision there for your comments.

It is with sadness that I report the passing of Marv Buchanan. Marv was one of those all around good guy racers that will very much be missed. For services and more information, see the Woodburn web site.



February 24, 2005

Racer Updates: Pro Bracket racer Donald Shepard reports an updated fuel, exhaust and electrical system on his yellow Nova - all with thanks for help from Corey Seekins. Plans also call for a new 377" later in the season with the goal being low 11's in the quarter on 8" tires.

A Jr. Dragster update comes from Shawn Mayhew. Shawn will be out this season with a new 2005 Gary Eichman built car with a new Blockzilla engine. This should move him up from running 11 seconds to the 8.90 class.


February 20, 2005

Racer Update from Tabor Racing. For 2005, Adam will be driving his own car - a 1980 Malibu that he purchased from Bruce Compton (Shannon Gaynor's Dad). With a rear end from David Chun, a transmission from Gary Ericksen and a 355" SBC from Jeff Staley (that Dad - Richard Tabor will assemble), the plan is to have the car ready by March. With the goal being to run Pro Bracket numbers so it can run in other classes as well. Andy will continue in the Blazer. Although apparently after some "unexpected body work" thanks to another driver this past winter, it now looks like hell, but still runs well…..


February 15, 2005

Racer Update: Darren Landers reports that with help from Richard Tabor's machine shop and Oregon Cam Grinding, his wheel standing 79 Monza will have a new 383" SBC. While still running in Pro bracket, he is hoping for some quicker times - perhaps even some 9 second quarter mile time slips.


February 11, 2005

I'm back! So feel free to submit any Racer Updates you may have. Also along the lines of recovering, Gary Hostetler is back at home now! Good news indeed. However, he still has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of him. Cards and letters of encouragement can be sent to: Gary Hostetler 8101 N.E. 229th Ct. Vancouver WA 98682. Or give him a call at 360-798-6318.


January 22, 2005

I'm getting hip - Round two! Last year at this time it was the left side. This year I get a full hip replacement on my right side - All new parts! While I will have e-mail access while I recover at home, I will not have any way of updating this site. Therefore, if you would, please hold off on sending me any "Racer Updates" until further notice (probably about 3 weeks).

Although there are still some details to add, the 2005 PIR Bracket Racing schedule is now posted.


January 10, 2005 

Congratulations to Super/Pro racer John Young for receiving the Rod Hoerner Memorial Rookie of the Year Award at the Division 6 awards banquet in Seattle. John also received a Wally for being the Super/Pro champion of the 2004 NW National Open Division 6 Series. Great job John!

Looking for parts for the 2005 season? Be sure to attend the 29th annual NWDRA Swap Meet this Sunday (Jan. 16) at the Clackamas Co. Fairgrounds in Canby. Hours: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. General admission $5. Free parking. For more information call 503-644-5707 or 503-656-0872.

January 3, 2005

Happy New Year everybody! Welcome to the fifth year of this site! As noted in the intro paragraph above, for the most part, this site will remain as it has been for the previous four years. One exception. I'm not going to kid myself in thinking I'll get the racer photo pages updated. I'm going to leave that up to you - the PIR points racers. Submit your pictures to ME. Photo size will need to be no larger than 1kb. And I will need photographer info. Copyrighted photos will of course require permission from the photographer before I can post them. As mentioned last year, our track photographer, Carol Brown has graciously granted permission to use any of her pics here - all you need do is scan them and send 'em in.

I will post the detailed Bracket Racing schedule as soon as I receive. In the meantime, the 2005 schedule has been posted at the PIR site. As you will notice, there is an NHRA Division 6 points race scheduled for August 5, 6 and 7! While this is not a Bracket Race points event, it is very significant in that it marks the return of a Divisional event to PIR for the first time in twenty years! Look for more info here in the coming months.

 Other plans for this site in 2005 include more updates to the PIR History section. As always, I'm always looking for new old pics and such to add. So if you have anything to contribute, let ME know. As always, proper credit will of course be given.

 As per years past, now is the time to send me any winter updates to your race program for inclusion in this section. New car, new paint, new sponsors, changing classes, etc., etc., let me know!




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