Welcome to the unofficial (but sort of official) Portland International Raceway Bracket Racing site! Now in its fourth year, the focus of this site will remain as a source to keep you updated on the Bracket Racing program at PIR. I'll leave the street legal races, import races, etc. up to someone else. Keep in mind this is still a volunteer deal, but I will do my best to keep the results and points standings up to date.

 As for this sites goofy address, well it was free with my dialup account, and since I already have a web site for my business (shameless plug) www.supercarsunlimited.com, I thought I'd devote this one to all my fellow PIR Bracket Racers.

If you have any information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at Portland International Raceway that you would like to have posted here, just send an e-mail to: Greg Rollin



December 21, 2004

Gary Hostetler update:

For those who don't know me, my name is Elvon Kauffman. I serve as Northwest Director for Racers For Christ. And Incidentally, Gary Hostetler is my first cousin.

I visited with Gary Hostetler yesterday. He had a smile on his face, but realizes that he still has a ways to go before he will be able to walk again. The nerve damage from his accident has limited the use of muscles in his legs, especially the left one. He is doing daily therapy at Fort Vancouver Convalescent Center. He will likely be there several weeks. He would enjoy getting a Christmas card or note from his friends. The address there is 8507 NE 8th Way, Vancouver WA 98664, or if you would like to give him a call, his cell # is 360-798-6318. Ultimately, Gary would like to get back to normal life and enjoy time with his racing family. Thanks for thinking of him at this difficult time.


December 15, 2004

Gary Hostetler update. Again, from Dave Smythe.

I talked with Gary today, he is at Kaiser Sunnyside hospital this week still recovering from his many injuries. Not able to walk yet. Pelvis is still not completely healed yet so he can't put weight on his legs yet. He has had a tough time of recovery. He has lost forty pounds! He has gone between Fort Vancouver re-hab and Sunnyside hospital depending on what there trying to fix. He hopes to be home in two or three weeks. He hopes to be in pretty good shape by the end of January. I'm sure he would love to hear from racers and friends. His cell phone is 360-798-6318.

Thanks to Carol Brown for passing this along.

Reminder for NWDRA members to bring non-perishable canned food items to this Thursdays meeting for the Christmas food drive.



November 15, 2004

Update on Gary from Dave Smythe:

Just came from OHSU. Gary is awake and doing well. He was complaining so he must be feeling better! He has limited movement of both legs which is good news. He's going to have to have rehab to get full use of his legs. He might get out in a few days although he seemed a little bit fuzzy about that. He is in room 14a8.

While Gary still faces some serious obstacles ahead, that certainly is good news! Cards and letters can be sent to: 8101 N.E. 229th Court Vancouver, WA 98682

PHOTO: Carol Brown

Among Gary's racing accomplishments was the Super/Pro win for Team PIR at the1999 Team Race in Medford.


November 13, 2004

As some of you may have heard, Super/Pro racer Gary Hostetler was seriously injured a week or so ago when a horse he was riding fell and landed on top of him, crushing his pelvis. He has been in the ICU at OHSU where they put him in a coma to help stabilize his condition. The latest report I've heard is that he is coming out of the coma (yesterday?) but still not able to respond to the Doctors commands, so at this point they still don't know about his legs. Since he is still in the ICU, no flowers or visitors are allowed. As soon as I know more, I'll post it here. In the meantime, please keep Gary in your thoughts and prayers.


November 8, 2004

2004 Team Race pics coming soon! Due to space limitations, I'll need to eliminate the 2003 Team Race pics before I can add the new ones. So if you would like to save a copy of any of them, you'll need to do so in the next day or so.


November 4, 2004

Boomer memorial update from Carol Brown. The memorial will be held at Pied Piper Pizza (12300 NE 4th Plain Blvd. in Vancouver - phone 360-892-6430) at 4:00 pm on Sunday Nov. 7th. I hope those of you who knew Boomer will attend and share your memories of him. He will be greatly missed!


November 1, 2004

I just received some sad news. On Thursday the 28th , one of our friends and fellow racer Boomer Pauley suffered a fatal heart attack. A memorial is being planned for him on Sunday Nov. 7th - following the PIR banquet. I'll post the details here as soon as I receive.

PHOTO: Carol Brown

Boomer with his Nova "Charlotte".



October 7, 2004

2004 Awards banquet info:





TIME: 10:30 am To 3:00 pm

WHEN: Sunday, November 7, 2004




10:30 – 11:00 BRUNCH


Click HERE for reservation form.



September 28, 2004

Banquet info. The awards banquet will be held on November 7th at Shenanigans Restaurant More info soon…… And just to squelch the rumor that Wednesday night Bracket Racing will switch to 1/4 mile in 2005, it won't. It will remain as it has been for decades: 1/8th mile.


September 17, 2004

Couple pics from Pete:

Team race winners - Adam Tabor and Tim Schilleriff.


King of the Track winner Steve Laskowske receives his Wally (2nd of the year) and a congratulatory hand shake from our leader.


September 14, 2004

Team race notes from Pete and Cindy are posted HERE Please forgive the appearance (serious formatting problems -on my end). CONGRATS to Adam Tabor for your Race of Champions win in High School, and to Tim Schillereff for your win in Super Pro! And of course, congratulations to the entire Team PIR for your second place overall finish!


September 2, 2004

Team Race roster and event info now posted HERE


August 30, 2004

Mandatory Team Race meeting this Wednesday night (9-1), rain or shine. 7:00 pm in the grandstands. This is the final meeting before Canada.


August 16, 2004

Mandatory Team Race meeting this Wednesday night (Aug 18th), 7:00 pm in the grandstands. While the deadline for commitments from racers was Aug. 11th, it has been extended to Aug. 18th. But NO later, as the team roster will need to be sent to the Division Director.

Check back soon for more Team Race info.


August 10, 2004

Remember, tomorrow night is another NWDRA Bonus Payday in the Park race. See June 2nd update (below) for more details.


August 1, 2004

The points listings have now been adjusted for the throw away races. Although this does not reflect a yes or no commitment from the drivers yet, if you are able to participate in the Team Race, you will NEED to let Pete know no later than August 11th


July 19, 2004

Yesterday's National Dragster Challenge saw two regular Wednesday nighters walk away with Wallys! Since this was a non-points race, the results are listed below rather than the Results section.



Steve Laskowske





Jason Heard





Wayne Poe





Steve Laskowske with Julie and Chance (and a couple of Schilleriffs).


Non Electronics


Danny Walker





Mark Canty





Robert Brown





Justin Saxe

Oregon City




Danny Walker and crew (Carol Brown photo)


Congrats to both first time Wally winners!


July 16, 2004

Just a reminder. Due to the American LeMans race, there will be no Wednesday night bracket racing on July 21st. If you like high tech sports car racing, I strongly encourage you to come out for the race on the 25th - 26th. Lots of cool stuff will be there.


July 9, 2004

2004 Team Race. For info regarding hotel reservations, click HERE

For the Team Race, the Masterman's are looking for a way to get Johdi's Buick to the race. If you can help with a tow vehicle and trailer, let John know.



July 2, 2004



   Portland International Raceway Dragstrip

July 18, 2004

Gates Open 9am Qualifying and time trails run from 10am to 1:30pm

Gamblers Race 2 Classes* Entry * Electronic $55 * Non-Electronic $ 45

(Race for an NHRA Wally each class )

General Admission Adults $ 9.00 Child 6-12 $ 5.00

I-5 Exit 306-B info 503.823.RACE



June 9, 2004.

Just a reminder that due to the Champ Car race, there is NO bracket racing next Wednesday (June 16th).

I'm slowly getting some new pics added to the Picture section. I hope to have all points racers included within the next month or so. However, this may require your help. While I will try to take as many as I can, it would really help if you already have one to submit. For example, Carol Brown probably has a (35mm) shot of your car. If you could scan it and send it to ME, I'd be glad to post it. All I ask is that you keep the file size under 80kb and that you provide the photographer credit info.

Since tonight's race is a rain out, the NWDRA Bonus Payday will be carried over to the June 23rd race.


June 2, 2004.

N.W.D.R.A. (Northwest Drag Racing Assn.) Bonus Payday in the Park. The NWDRA is adding a $500.00 bonus payout - $100.00 for first place on Super/Pro, Pro, Sportsman and Bike Brackets, and $25.00 for second place at P.I.R. on the following dates:

June 9th (rain date June 23rd)

July 14th (rain date July 21st)

August 11th (rain date August 18th)

September 15th (rain date September 22nd)



April 29, 2004.

Don’t forget, this Saturday (May 1) begins the Saturday Swap Meets at PIR. See the PIR site for more info.


April 22, 2004.

I just have to share this. Today is my 30th anniversary. With my 67 Olds that is. Since I first bought it ($260) on April 22, 1974, it has gone from the yellow, completely stock, hit in the rear Cutlass to the Super/Pro race car it is today.




April 12, 2004.

Some interesting news regarding the Friday Late Night race program. NHRA national event announcer Bob Frey made a surprise visit to PIR last Friday. For the NHRA2day program on ESPN2, he has been paying visits to NHRA tracks that have something worth spotlighting. The Late night program that Pete has developed has gotten some attention so the ESPN2 crew came by to check it out. I understand Bob was quite impressed by the way things are run at PIR (as he should be). The show should air on Sunday the 18th.


March 29, 2004.

The second (and last) 1/4 mile Sunday points race for the season was held under beautiful blue skies yesterday. The results have been posted in the Results section. And as per the past few years, I have and will be sending the results to NHRA for publication in the National Dragster. Due to the Swap Meet at PIR (and at the Expo Center) this weekend, there will be no racing at PIR this coming weekend. The next race will move the Bracket Racing program to (1/8th mile) Wednesday nights starting April 7th. Since I probably will not make it to either swap meet out there, if anybody sees a set of THESE wheels, let me know.


March 21, 2004.

The race today marked the beginning of the 38th season of drag racing at Portland International Raceway. This year, the racers and spectators were treated to several major changes. First and foremost are the new display boards on the Good Year bridge.


Another improvement for the racers this season is the implementation of LED bulbs in the tree. LED bulbs are used at all NHRA divisional and national events.



Kings of the Hill

The 2004 season opener included a King of the Hill race. Unfortunately, the rain came just as the last two were to pair off. Thus ending the on track action. The winner was chosen by a coin toss with Dave Smythe (L) over Scott Lang.

Look for today's other winners to be posed in the results section in the next day or so.


March 20, 2004.

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY. First 2004 (points) drag race of the year. BE THERE!!


March 11, 2004.


Route 26 Cruisers Proudly Host the

Annual PIRD Winter Opener Drag Race

At Portland International Raceway Dragstrip

Featuring " King of the Hill " Format

Sunday March 21, 2004

Rain Date Sunday March 28, 2004

Gates Open 9am Eliminations 12:30pm

Route 26 Cruisers Benefit Raffle

Merchandise Awards and Drawings



March 3, 2004.

More 2004 updates. Ron Selberg reports his Nova is getting new heads, rods and pistons in the interest of hitting mid to low tens on pump gas, driven to and from the track. From Laskowske racing, look for two new cars. Steve has replaced his trusty, wheel standing, frame twisting red Chevelle with this (NHRA national event winning) Corvette:

In addition to brackets, the plan is to run the Corvette at all Division 6 points races (in Super Gas). Julie's son Chance will be running a Jr. Dragster on Wednesday nights. It is currently being painted in a similar scheme to the Corvette:


February 9, 2004.

This update comes from the Masterman Camp. Johdi will be racing the full season in the Buick (this is the "cosmetically-challenged" Skylark that John picked up one of his Wally's with). It is being readied for the 2004 season with a new transmission. As for Johns Camaro, since the engine was rebuilt last year (after a con. rod let go), it probably won't need much more than new valve springs for this season. And yes, it will of course still have the four speed!


February 1, 2004.

It's that time of the year again. Racer Updates! This in from Tabor Racing: Adam will continue to drive the A+ Bail Bonds Nova in High School Bracket. This year the car is getting "A little bit more power and a bigger tire thanks to Corey Seekins". Andy is ready for Sportsman Bracket in the old Blazer. He has also purchased a 1971 Buick Skylark that will hopefully be ready by late summer for testing. Car will be 455 powered and will run in the quicker end of Sportsman and will be street driven as well.

Adam also reports that Tom Loos is finishing up a 1966 Nova for Sportsman and Heather will continue to drive her white Chevelle. Shane Molinari's LeMans has got a new carbon fiber front end. And has almost received the BIG motor which should put the car deep in the 8's. Ed Cummins is still going to drive Shanes old LeMans.

So what are your or your teams plans for the 2004 season of Bracket Racing at Portland International Raceway? New car, paint, engine, sponsor or whatever the case may be, let me know. 


January 22, 2004.

First, let me wish everyone a happy new year! I'm still recovering from the hip replacement, but doing well and getting better every day. Thanks to everyone who called, e-mailed and stopped by. I really appreciated it. I know I said this last year, but I hope to be able to spend more Wednesday nights at PIR this year. Although at this point, it doesn't look like I'll be able to race this season. But I hope to be able to at least come out to spectate, take pictures (so I can update the picture pages) as well as visit with everyone. I will just have to wait and see how things go with the heath situation.

As for this site, as I mentioned, I hope to update the picture pages. As well as the crew pages and other outdated areas. While the full 2004 PIR schedule is now listed on the PIR SITE, I should have the Bracket Racing schedule posted here soon. The News section will continue as it has with updates and information as it happens. So check back often. I will be posting some racer updates soon, so if you are a PIR points racer and have anything new or exciting happening with your race program, let ME know. Also as per the past three seasons, I will do my best at keeping the race results and points standings updated. Last year, most results were posted by noon the following Thursday.

While I can't go into detail at this time, look for many new and exciting changes coming to PIR this year! Check back here for more info. Or better yet, sign up for points and see/experience them for yourself! Greg.