January 3, 2002

Welcome to the unofficial (but sort of official) PIR Bracket Racing web site! While it may not contain lots of glitter and graphics, my plan is as it was for the 2001 season, to keep you updated on Portland's Bracket Racing program. With that being said, keep in mind, this is still a volunteer deal. But I will do my best to keep the results and points standings listings updated as often as possible. 2002 racer pictures will be phased in though out the season. Also, for the past few months, I have been working on a new addition to this site that I think you will enjoy. I hope to post it (or part of it) by the end of January.

And as was the case last season, the main focus of this site will remain the Bracket Racing (points) program at PIR. I'll leave the street legal races, import races, etc. up to someone else.  

As for this sites goofy address, well it was free with my dialup account (hint-hint for above), and since I already have a web site for my business (shameless plug) www.supercarsunlimited.com, I thought I'd devote this one to all my fellow PIR Bracket Racers.

If you have any information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at PIR that you would like to have posted here, just send an e-mail to: Greg Rollin




December 27, 2002.

For the past few years, part of my daily net surfing has included a stop at Horsepower Heaven. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has appreciated Larry Pfisters efforts to keep everyone updated on the happenings here in Division 6. Unfortunately, that is about to change. But not before one last New Years Eve. video/photo spectacular. If you've never seen one of these before, I think its safe to assume this Last Bash will be something else! For the best year end review of the highlights of Division 6 along with some NW nostalgia and much more, be sure to check out Horsepowerheaven.com this New Years Eve./Day.

Speaking of nostalgia, I've got some more stuff in the works for the History section. I hope to have some of it up in the next few weeks.


December 15, 2002.

New Pics are up! Now that I've finally got my newest catalog off to the print shop, and the Docs have me (somewhat) stabilized, I used the opportunity this weekend to do some updates to the Pictures pages! All the new shots come from Carol Brown. While I know Carol has many more pictures, further picture page updates may have to wait until the 2003 season starts. Time will tell……..


December 13, 2002.

The complete 2003 PIR schedule has been posted at the PIR site. I'll post the 2003 Bracket Race specific schedule in the "Schedule" section of this site as soon as I receive….


November 16, 2002.

Just some miscellaneous stuff. Awards banquet. Since I did not make it this year, if anybody has anything to contribute - pictures, etc. let me know and I'll post it here…….. In this weeks ND, we are the featured "NHRA Member Track Spotlight". Nice little article……. I will be updating the race picture pages soon (really)……If you haven't already seen it, the PIR RaceCam is now live and on line at the PIR site


October 16, 2002.


The 2002 Division 6 Team Race "Best Appearing Car" award winner was Tim Schillereff's sharp 1967 Camaro.

Page one of the 2002 Team Race photos HERE

More to come soon…..



October 7, 2002.

Sorry for the late posting on this (see below)

King of the Track Race



Winner will receive a coveted NHRA Wally, Custom Leather Jacket and Champions Hat.



Run off between winner and runner up of both classes to challenge for the Wally, jacket and payout.

Admission $30.00 (Both classes).



Sorry for the longtime no update here. Carol Brown has a bunch of the 2002 Team Race photos scanned and ready for me, which I hope to be able to post soon. Please note, due to space limitations, I will need to delete the 2001 Team Race section. I had planned on working on this a couple weeks ago, but I ended up winning a mini vacation down to Club Good Samaritan (hospital) instead. Three days in the I.C.U. followed by seven days in a regular room waiting for some improvement from several different forms of treatment. As of this writing, I can say I feel the best I have felt in MANY months. I just hope it continues this way. But, unfortunately, there are still no guarantees…. If things stay on this course, and when I get caught up here at Supercars, I'll do my best to get at least some of the 2002 Team Race pics posted soon.



September 12, 2002.

Team Race photo. If you were on Team PIR 2002, please be at PIR Wednesday Sept. 18th, between 6:30 and 7:00 (rain or shine) for the team race photo. To be taken by our ace track photographer, Carol Brown of course. Be sure to wear your team race shirt. Speaking of the shirts, Pete just stopped by to give one to me. What a wonderful surprise! Again, you guys sure have a way of choking a guy up. I truly feel very honored that my 4-4-2 was chosen to be on the shirt. It really means a lot to me. Thank you all.



September 9, 2002.

While I have not yet seen the official results of the Team Race, it is my understanding that Team PIR finished in second place! Not bad guys! I also understand Tim Schillereff received the Best Appearing Car award for his Super/Pro 1967 Camaro! I'll post further information as soon as I receive. In the meantime, there is some info at the NHRA site. Also, if anybody has anything they would like posted here, let me know.



September 5, 2002.

Best of luck to all Team PIR racers this weekend at Yakima! Have a safe journey to and from the race.


August 27, 2002.

Mandatory meeting this Wednesday night (Aug. 28th) at PIR for all racers participating in the Team Race. Check back here for more Team Race info in the next few days…….



August 16, 2002.

Next Wednesday (Aug. 21st) is the last points race. To help you with car setup, etc. for the Team Race, it will be a quarter mile event.



Northwest Division NHRA Summit Racing Series Finals.

September 5-8, 2002* Renegade Raceway* Yakima,Wa

Special Events And Awards

Over $10,000 in Prizes and Give-Aways

Thursday Test and Tune and Gambler’s Race

NHRA Gold Cards for Saturday and Sunday Winners

Free T-Shirts, Hats, and Participant Qualifier Decals













Here is some motel info for the team race in Yakima. Portland's Team motel is at the Quality Inn 12 E. Valley Mall Blvd. Rd Phone 1-800-510-5670 1-4 per room tell them you're w/ team Portland for our rate.

Other Motel & Campgrounds in Yakima

Oxford Suites 509-576-9757

Super 8 509-248-8880

Oxford Inn 509-453-7593

Best Western Peppertree 509-453-8898

Best Western Union Gap 509-248-9700


Yakama Nation RV 509-865-2000

KOA 509-248-5882

Circle H 509-457-3683

Trailer Inn 509-452-9561


P.S. Camping is also allowed at the track for a small fee



August 9, 2002.

Until I get some specific info for PIR racers regarding the Team Race, check out the newsletter section of the Renegade Raceway web site for some info. Note: I don't know if the "prickly needle" situation in the pit area is still the same as it was when we were there in 1995. But if it is, I would suggest bringing tire patches, spare tires, tubes, maybe some of that puncture seal in a can stuff and perhaps an old carpet or mat for your pit spot…….



August 8, 2002.

PIR Team Race points end August 21st. Check back soon for info on the 2002 Division 6 bracket finals held in Yakima, WA on Sept. 5,6,7 and 8th.


July 31, 2002.

I have been in contact with Candida Benson, the bracket racing editor at National Dragster, and I will be forwarding the PIR weekly results for publication in ND. Look for the listings in the Bracket Racing North America section beginning in a few weeks.


July 16, 2002.

Six months later than I had planned, I have finally posted the new addition to the site! Although my little project will never really be "finished", most of the basics are now in place. Check out the "PIR History" link on the index (home) page. Hope you find it interesting…… The Super/Pro final at the Division 6 points race at Woodburn last Sunday saw two PIR racers going for the Wally. With Nick Nicholson taking the win over Gene Heaton. It was last year at this same event where Nick's son Mike scored the Wally in Super/Pro. And for the second year in a row, Chargin' Charlie Tiller earned a Wally in Jr. Dragster Thunder!



July 10, 2002.

First, congratulations are in order to Greg Kielman and Shirley Good. PIR's Camaro Couple have announced they will getting married on Sept. 14th. Best of luck to the both of you on your new life journey together! Some of you have asked why digital photographer Bob Doherty has not been out this season. Well, he has been involved in a major house remodeling project in preparation for a new addition to his family. On Monday, weighing in at 6 lbs., 7 oz., Lawerence Robert Doherty was born! Along the lines of pictures, Carol Brown has loaned me her photo albums. And as time allows, I will be scanning and adding them to the Pictures section. And that "new addition" to the site that I mentioned in the intro? Well, I'm almost ready to post it….. Some other new additions to the site are in the works as well. Stay tuned.



June 28, 2002.

Well you guys sure know how to choke a guy up. The Thinking Of You (giant) card was a very thoughtful gesture. It really means a lot to me. Sometimes this disease (M.G.) can be quite frustrating and depressing (especially on Wednesday nights) as it has become very difficult for me to get around much. Let alone race or even be able to come out to spectate and B.S. with everyone. So I sincerely appreciate the thought. At this point, I really don't know when I'll make it out there next, but I hope I can soon. Again, I really appreciate the card. It means a lot.


June 26, 2002.

Wanna chance to earn a "Wally"? Take the National Dragster Challenge 2002 (non-points race).

Star Spangled Drag Race

Portland International Raceway

July 4, 2002

Gates Open 9am Qualifying and time trails run from 10am to 12.30pm

Gamblers Race* 2 Classes* Entry $ 20.00 * Inside Electronic $35 * Non-Electronic $ 25

(King of the Hill NHRA Wally )

General Admission Adults $ 8.00 Child 6-12 $ 4.00

I-5 Exit 306-B info 503.823.RACE



June 6, 2002.

Justa reminder. There is no Bracket Racing next Wednesday (June 12th) due to the CART race.


April 28, 2002.

I just received and posted several Wednesday night results as well as the point standings as of April 24th. An upcoming (non-points race) at PIR is the:


1/4 mile Action

Portland Int'l Raceway

Sun. May 5, 2002

Gates Open 9 am

Entry Fee $20.00 at Gate

Gamblers pot inside gate as follows:

Gambler Import: $25.00 ($45.00 Total)

Gambler Non-Electronic: $25.00 ($45.00 Total)

Gambler Electronic: $35.00 ($55.00 Total)

Gen. Admin. $8.00

Child 6-12 $4.00

For more info call 503-823-RACE


 April 9, 2002.

It was exactly one year ago today that this site was launched. In that time, it has received over 10,500 hits! Hopefully this means it has provided you with the information you are interested in. If so, I feel it has been successful in achieving its goal. As for the new section that I mentioned at the top of this page, well, I'm still working on it. I hope to post it by the end of this month.


March 28, 2002.

Our latest racer update comes from Shirley Good who reports that she and Greg Kielman have put a new engine in the (orange) Camaro. Shirley noted that she got to do a lot of the work and learned a lot about putting an engine together in the process. Obviously Shirley has been anxious to try out her efforts. Hopefully the weather will cooperate on April 3rd when we begin Wednesday night racing. Which I should note is the rescheduled Winter Classic that was rained out last Sunday (and the Sunday before that).


March 22, 2002.

It's official. The new timing equipment is fully installed! Tested earlier this week (see below), everything is ready to go for Sunday.

PHOTO: Pete Macias

In the event of a rain out on Sunday, the Winter Classic will be postponed until April 3rd.


March 21, 2002.

26TH Annual

Winter Classic

NWDRA Proudly Host the

26th Annual Classic Drag Race

at Portland Int’l Raceway

Featuring "King of the Hill" Format

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Rain Date Sunday, March 24, 2002

Gates Open 9:00am Eliminations 1:00pm


Benefit Raffle

Bonus Merchandise Awards and Drawings

NWDRA Bonus to the Member who goes the farthest

Northwest Drag Racing Association



March 15, 2002.

Important note: tonight's test and tune been cancelled due to weather. For the same reason, The Winter Classic, originally scheduled for this Sunday (the 17th) has been rescheduled for Sunday, March 24th (weather permitting of course). A new addition has been added to the updates picture page.


March 11, 2002.

Check out the updates picture page for the Bradford's new ride!


March 9, 2002

Below are a couple of pics Pete sent along showing the installation of the new timing equipment.




February 27, 2002.

PIR upgrades update. The new Compulink timing system is currently being installed. And will be ready for the first race in March. Also in process, is the purchase of the Musco Event lighting system from the Portland Speedway. This will replace the current dragstrip lighting system and will be installed sometime this summer. As for the much hoped for reader boards, these will be purchased as soon as sponsors can be found. I can't help but think that the reader boards would provide a fantastic advertising opportunity for a company or corporation. Interested parties should contact Mark Wigginton at the PIR office.


February 26, 2002.

Congratulations are in order for two PIR Sportsman racers. Jim Bradford and Julie Vann went to Las Vegas and got married on January 28th. Best wishes to you two for a happy future together!


February 1, 2002.

Gene Heatons cool new Brogie roadster added to the updates picture page


January 31, 2002.

Couple more racer updates. Mark Canty reports he is recovering well from the back surgery that took him out of racing last season. With the doctors approval, he hopes to be ready to race his Kawasaki in March. The update quote of the month comes from Cliff Waldron. And ya gotta love this one: " I am more than ready for drag racing to start". I'm sure I'm not the only one who shares your sentiments Cliff!

In other news (at least I thought this was pretty cool anyway), this site is now recognized by the NHRA in the Member Track listing at nhra.com. We also now have a permanent listing in the Track Directory at Horsepower Heaven. In the past month, the hits on this site have really gone up. Whether this increase is due to those new links or from many cases of "cabin fever" (or is that "cockpit" fever?), I couldn't say. But it would probably explain something that hadn't previously occurred to me. So just to clarify, any update submissions to be posted here can only be from those who race at Portland International Raceway. If your update applies to PIR, we'd like to hear from you….



January 24, 2002.

Yet another reason why I think the internet is so cool:

I was on Horse Heaven and saw P I R and couldn't believe it. We live here in Casa Grande, AZ. We have tried everything to find out how PIR racers and friends are doing. Now I can go on line and there it is. Thank you very much and it is very good. Dennis is racing here and doing good. The car loves the warm weather, so does he. Racing year around except we have July or Aug. off, can you believe that. The racers in Ore. would not believe how the scamp runs now. I believe he might need roll cage in PIR 1/8 mile as he is so close to 7.50 here in time. Runs 7.75. We miss all you racers and friends very much. you can pass our e-mail or address and phone on if you wish.

Dennis and Dariel Jokela

Dennis mjokela@cybertrails.com

Dariel djokela@cybertrails.com

5665 N. Toro St. Casa Grande, AZ. 85222

520-876-9202 or 623-326-9585

Dariel was the tower director for many years while Dennis was a regular Wednesday night racer with his Plymouth Scamp.



January 19, 2002.

Well, I knew this would be just a matter of time. It was inevitable that this day would come. It has happened. We've exceeded the 10mb of free space on pacifier.com. Which meant either I delete files and limit the size of this site or step up and purchase some more megs. You'll (hopefully) be glad to know I chose the latter. Since this is now costing me, don't be surprised if you see a tin cup for donations in my pit area this year……

Another pic added to the updates picture page


January 11, 2002.

Couple of updates. Sportsman racer George Pittman reports he will be retiring his black 74 Chevy pickup. With help from Scott Lang and Superior Engines, it will be replaced by a 78 Camaro which he will campaign in Sportsman. Another Sportsman bracket Chevy pickup we won't see this season is Bob Brown's. Looking to go a bit quicker, Bob has a new Vega in the works. Also getting ready for the 2002 season, Bob's wife Carol has sent her trusty A-1 Canon camera in for its yearly "check-up". Which means we can look forward more great shots from Carol in the upcoming season. The final update for today can be found on the updates picture page (link below).


January 8, 2002.

Couple of update pics HERE 


January 7, 2002.

This just in from Pete:

2002 Season Info

Hope Everyone Enjoyed The Holidays.

Things to know:

Remember :

It’s always a good idea to renew numbers, memberships and licenses early in the season as delays in mail do occur. You can print off of NHRA’s website ( WWW. NHRA.Com ) the medical form required so you can go see the doctor before you come to the track to license.

Also remember that an ETI expires when either the first piece of safety equipment or driver credential expires, or December 31st of that calendar year.

Extended Tech Inspections:

Dennis has setup four dates in January 2002 to get your ETI done before the race season starts. I hope most if you heard of the NHRA ETI program. There are only three requirements to get an ETI done for your race vehicle. Your vehicle must pass the normal tech inspection for the class you are competing. You must have a current NHRA competition number or competition license for that class. You must be a current member of NHRA. If you can answer yes to those questions and want to the ETI done for your vehicle, just take it to one of the following locations:

January 12, 2002 8am to 5pm

Oregon Cam Grinding 5913 NE 127th Ave Vancouver, WA 360-256-7985

January 13, 2002 8am to 5pm

Renegade Raceways Wapato, WA 509-877-4621

January 19, 2002 8am to 5pm

Pacific Raceways 31001 144th Ave Kent, WA 253-631-1550

January 26, 2002 8am to 5pm

Bullet Custom Engines & Machine 2201 S Pacific Hwy Medford, OR 541-776-0692


26th Annual N.W.D.R.A. Hi-Performance Automotive Swap Meet:

Sunday, January 20, 2002 8am to 4pm Clackamas County Fairgrounds Canby,OR

Rule Revisions 2002:

Helmet upgrade the minimum now is Snell 90 rated in E.T. racing. Some other combinations require Snell 95 or SA 95 so check the rules as to your application. So as of 12-31-01 all Snell rated 85 helmets are discontinued.




January 3, 2002.

The new 2002 bracket racing schedule is now posted. Latest racer update: Gary Ericksen is building a new 90 or 91 Ford Probe for S/P. He will be running his trusty ol' Ford powered Astre/Monza wagon this season. So what are your plans for 2002? Lemme know…………..