April 9, 2001.

First, let me welcome you to the new unofficial PIR Bracket Racing web site! While it may not contain lots of glitter and graphics, my plan is to keep you updated on Portland's Bracket Racing program. With that being said, keep in mind, this is a volunteer deal. But I will do my best to keep the results and points standings listings updated as often as possible. As for the goofy site address, well it was free with my dialup account, and since I already have a web site for the business (shameless plug) www.supercarsunlimited.com, I thought I'd devote this one to all my fellow PIR Bracket Racers. I hope you'll like! We will be adding more pictures and stuff as the season progresses. If you've signed up for points, check the pictures pages every few weeks.


As for what's new for the 2001 season at PIR, perhaps the biggest change pertains to Super/Pro with the opening of the top bulb. Personally, I'm not a supporter of the change. My feeling is that it gives the faster cars ($$) another advantage. With the slower car already having the possibility of red lighting first, the faster car ($$) equipped with a crossover now has yet another advantage. Perhaps the "worst red light" disqualification idea being floated around might help the situation, but I think the blinders were a fair way to help equalize the starting line. Be that as it may, the open top bulb is utilized in all other NHRA divisions, and has been an option of the track managers here in Division 6 for a while. Additionally, it will be used at the Division 6 Team Race in Boise. As well as at the Finals in Pomona (where one of us will win the National Championship, right?). So like it or not, I suppose it is best we get used to it now. Greg Rollin


If you have any new information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at PIR that you would like to have posted here, just send me an e-mail to: Greg Rollin


January 1, 2002

First, let me wish a Happy New Year to everybody! In the coming weeks, this section of the site will receive a bit of a facelift (Although I still want those updates). I also have a very exciting new addition to the site that I have been working on for the past few months. I hope to post it sometime later this month. Of course as soon as I receive any information regarding our new timing equipment, etc., I'll post it here. Stay tuned!



December 31, 2001

Another racer update in. There is a good chance Dave Sattem will return next year with his dragster. He reports that he is removing the throttle stop (a move I'm sure most spectators would like to see more racers do). And he is having Gary Ericksen go through the transmission.


December 17, 2001

The first of the racer updates comes from Bill Heard. "We're just freshening up the motor and raising the wheelie bars a little........". This from one of the hardest leaving, front wheels hangin' in the air cars out there, and he is going to raise the wheelie bars! Get your cameras ready when the little black Pinto comes to the line. It sounds like some way cool photo ops in store for 2002!



December 14, 2001

Until the 2002 PIR bracket racing schedule is released, you can check out the PIR site for the tracks 2002 event schedule HERE. Looks like Pete and crew are going to be quite busy this coming year with all the late night street legal races added to the schedule! As for the Bracket Racing program, two Sundays are listed (March 17th and 24th) with Wednesday nights beginning on April 3rd. I'll update the schedule page on this site as soon as I receive the official Bracket Racing schedule. Speaking of updates, I still have yet to hear from any of you regarding my request (below)…….



December 6, 2001.

Not much activity to report on at this time of the year, although I guess I could out there and check out the "Celebration of Lights" and do a report on it, but I'll spare you (and myself) that one. So instead, how 'bout some updates from you. What plans do you have for your car this winter? New tow rig? Trailer? Sponsors? Let ME know, and I'll post it here. As for myself, it looks like just an engine freshen up on the ol' 4-4-2, some new slicks (I'm still looking for a pair of Cragar Super Tricks 15X10", 5" backspacing) and perhaps I'll finally get that lettering done. That'll probably be about it for me. So what's your story?


November 14, 2001.

Now that the NHRA 2001 season has officially concluded, and the final points have been tallied, congratulations are in order for several regular PIR racers. First, how 'bout that Jody Lang! PIR track champion in Pro bracket, number one in Division 6 Stock Eliminator and finishing number two nationally! While I have not yet seen the national results for Super/Street, in Division 6, Kurt Gross, whose wife Susan drives the same Vega in Super/Pro at PIR finished in first place. Super/Pro track champion Gary Ericksen finished 10th, sometimes PIR racer Tom Sampson in the 11th spot and Dave Smythe, number 15. Again, congratulations guys!



November 6, 2001.

Due to the recent split between PIR and IRI, for a time, things didn't look so good for the 2001 PIR awards banquet. But due to the determination of the PIR crew and volunteers, everything turned out just great. After a tasty brunch at Shenanigans, door prizes were handed out. And these weren't your basic car show type prizes like a can of WD40 or such, these were some really nice items. Next came the awards. Starting with the awards as voted by the racers, David Chun, Jr. was named the Driver Of The Year, Casey Allum received the Most Improved Driver award, the Sportsperson Of The Year award went to Shirley Good and Larry Smith received the Hard Luck award.

Special guest Mark Wigginton (PIR general manager) gave us an overview of some of the improvements that we can look forward to next season. Some examples include all new timing equipment (very likely including ET/MPH boards), as well as new lighting including the return road.

Another neat give away were the T-Shirts by Carol Brown. All Team Members received a personalized shirt featuring an image of their car/bike (based of course on one of Carol's great photos).


The two hardest working ladies for Team PIR. Lettie Hilles (L) receives the You Are Our Star award presented by Shirley Good.


Carol Brown had a whole bag-o-goodies for Pete and Cindy.


In Appreciation awards were also presented to the many volunteers who have helped throughout the season and at the Team Race. There was also a "special" award from Corey Seekins to Darren Landers for reasons probably best not explained here.

The final awards presented were to the Track Champions. Which included a large trophy and a jacket.

2001 Portland International Raceway Track Champions:

Super/Pro: Gary Ericksen

Pro: Jody Lang

Sportsman: David Chun, Jr.

Motorcycle: Jason DeTour

High School: Andy Tabor

Jr. Dragster: Bryce Livesay

 Second and third place finishers also received a trophy. For the final points standings, see the RESULTS page.

Well, I think that about covers it. If I have left anything out, please let ME know. Oh, one last thing. Just for future reference, Shenanigans closes their bar at 10:00 pm on Sunday nights….  



October 19, 2001.


The 2001 PIR awards banquet will be as originally planned. Please fill out the FORM and get it to Pete as soon as possible.


October 17, 2001.

This just in from Pete:

Seattle has decided to end their relationship with Portland International Raceway effective 10-13-2001. As it stands there will be no more races at PIR for the year 2001. Please stay tuned for more information on the 2001 team banquet, as that also has been affected and decisions need to be made regarding what, when and where, as well as how to achieve it.

I thank everyone for their support for 2001 and we look forward to starting off on a new and exciting adventure for 2002.

Pete Macias

Track Manager

Portland International Raceway.

Banquet form and information CLICK HERE 



October 4, 2001.

Something special is coming….. Watch for exciting information regarding the upcoming Portland International Raceway year end banquet. We will say the date will be Sunday November 4th.

The Northwest Drag Racing Association (NWDRA) will be selling Entertainment Books and Gold C Books. Both books offer "two for one" specials for food, entertainment and events. Entertainment Books are $40.00 and Gold C Books are $10.00. All Proceeds from the book sales will be donated to Brittany King. Brittany is the 9 year old daughter of motorcycle racer Leland King from Bremerton. Brittany has Leukemia. If interested in purchasing a book or books, please see Lettie at P.I.R. on Wednesdays thru October or Woodburn on Sundays thru October. Books will also be available at the P.I.R. banquet. Let's work together to help this family…..


August 30, 2001.

Some last minute notes added to the team race page. Please read!


August 23, 2001.

Couple of changes to the team race page. Apparently the rate I had listed for the Mr. Sandman motel was incorrect. You will need to check with them for the rate. Remember to mention you are a racer from Portland Intl. Raceway. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

Next Team meeting. Those on Team PIR, don't forget the mandatory team meeting August 29th. Rain or shine, you will need to be at PIR for the meeting. 7:00 pm or if it rains, 5:00pm.


August 16, 2001.

More Team Race information added to the link below.

August 13, 2001.

2001 Division 6 Team Race. While I'm waiting for further information regarding the ET Finals, I have posted some info HERE. Check back soon for updates.


July 15, 2001.

While not directly related to Wednesday nights at PIR, this certainly needs to be noted. At the Division 6 points race in Woodburn this past weekend, four regular Wednesday nighters deserve the recognition of a job well done. Mike Nicholson took home the Wally in Super/Pro (click for pic). Foot braking his way past all the electronic equipped cars, Mikes opponent in the final was Pat Figini and his Mustang. Taking home another little gold man in Stock was Jody Lang. In Junior Dragster Thunder it was Charlie Tiller taking the win. Good job guys!



June 26, 2001.

July 4th Star Spangled Race Day info HERE (non points).


June 8, 2001.

Well, I suppose I should post this. The following is from a flier handed out by the beer police last Wed. night at the gate:

"Reminder to all PIR users. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be brought onto PIR property. This is both a policy of PIR as well as a requirement of OLCC for this licensed premises. Alcoholic beverages brought into PIR will be confiscated and violators are subject to expulsion from the property. PIR offers alcoholic beverages for sale through its licensed concessionaire for those adults who are not driving. Your observation of this policy is appreciated. Drive safely. Drink responsibly".



June 5, 2001.

Congratulations are in order for two of our regular Pro Bracket racers. Both Stan Hawes and Jody Lang are listed on the 2001 Car Craft All-Star Drag Racing Team ballot in the Stock Eliminator Driver category. Good luck guys. Hope one of you wins this highly prestigious award!


May 16, 2001.

The 2001 PIR stickers are now in. If you have signed up for points, pick yours up in the tower.


April 28, 2001. From our track (digital) photographer:

SUBJECT: Flash photography.

Last week I had a complaint about flash pictures being taken at the starting line. While I would really like to get those great lift shots off the line; I have decided to limit myself to starting line pictures only with available light. When shooting digital photos one of the drawbacks is low light levels (at least with my camera). The remedy to this is using a hot shoe flash unit. Evidently, this could be or is a problem with drivers trying to concentrate on the tree. From now on I will only use flash at or past the 60 foot mark or from behind the cars on the line. I don't want to become that ***hole with the flash! My apologies to anyone that might have had problems because of me trying to get that perfect shot, it won't happen again. Robert Doherty.