330 THROUGH 455




Neoprene rear main seals (Part Number 20-132 and 20-134) are designed to function just like any other single or double lip rubber seal. To install, place the seal in the rear groove in the block/main cap with the pressure side of the seal facing inboard as shown above. The pressure side is the side of a seal that would force the lip of the seal against the sealing surface (in this case, the crankshaft) when there is pressure behind the seal (in this case, crankcase pressure).


Before installing seal in the block/main cap, apply a thin layer of RTV sealer on the outside edges of the cap recesses in the block/main cap. After seal is installed, apply a small dab of RTV sealer on the two ends of the seal.


Apply a thin coat of engine oil or grease on the seal surface of the crankshaft and to the lips of the main seal.


Torque main cap to spec.







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