1988 Z51 Corvette

(Manual transmission - of course)

Exactly as I bought it on September 13, 2003.

With 94,417 miles.

Rear shot with top in place. So shoot me. I have for a long time made the statement that if I ever buy another black car, just shoot me. But what can I say, black simply looks the best on this body style and was therefore my first choice when searching for a C4. Silver was a distant, distant second choice. 

Pretty much all stock / original. Only modification is the Edelbrock throttle body. Needs clean up and detail (winter project). But it runs well.


Bling-Bling. I was hoping the first thing I would do would be to replace these UGLY-ASS Center Line wheels with the original 17 inchers. But the transmission had to come first….



Interior shot (taken in previous owners garage)


 Gawd, those wheels are just plain hideous!



In 1988, the hottest Corvette's were equipped with the Z-51 Performance/Handling option.

The 1988 Z-51 package:

 Larger front and rear brakes

 Quicker ratio steering (2 turns L to L)

 Extra frame braces

 Larger sway bars

 Stiffer front and rear springs

 Stiffer valved Bilstein shocks

 H/D suspension bushings

 Engine oil cooler

 Power steering cooler

 Heavy duty radiator with booster fan

 Larger front air dam

 17 X 9.5" wheels.


Total 1988 Corvette production: 22,789 (15,382 coupes).

Total 1988's with manual transmission: 4,282.

Total 1988 Z51's: 1,309.


New wheels!

Although these are 1990 wheels, they are identical to the 1988 Z-51 wheels except they do not have the covers over the lugs.




First show. Russ Chevrolet. June 26, 2004.








A couple pics from the PIR Grand Reopening 2008






NWCA autocross – PIR 9-14-2008




2008 Rose City Classic






Willamette Motor Club autocross. Albany, OR 8-29-2009


 DO NOT let anybody talk you into using hardware store nylon bushings to repair the flip up headlights.  Mine worked all of three times before I had to do the entire job over – using the correct bushings of course.