Welcome to the unofficial (but pretty much official) Portland International Raceway Bracket Racing site!

Now in our 19th season of providing PIR Bracket Racing news and information!

The focus of this site will remain as it has been for the past eighteen – as a source to keep you updated on the Bracket Racing program at PIR. I'll leave the street legal races, import races, etc. up to someone else.  While this remains a volunteer deal, as with all previous seasons, I’ll do my best to post the race results and current point standings within 24 hours of receiving them. 

As always, if you have any information, news, comments or concerns regarding Bracket Racing at Portland International Raceway that you would like to have posted here, just send an e-mail to:

Greg Rollin



Note to those who are new here.  The italicized and quoted word(s) in the news updates are the weekly Booster Club bonus 50/50 ticket words.  When the Booster Club volunteers come around selling 50/50 tickets, work that word into a sentence and receive a bonus ticket!




May 13, 2019


When the 50/50 Booster Club folks come around on this Wednesday, you might want to tell them about your latest “time slip”.  Payouts will receive a boost this week thanks to Raymond Rippe (winners) and from Jolly Restaurants (runner ups), Letties Losers from the NWDRA and Number One qualifiers from the NAPA Distribution Center!  Be sure to tell anybody who has an interest in trying his or her hand at bracket racing, this week will be the third running of the new Cliff’s Classic Chevrolet Trophy Class.    




May 6, 2019


Winners this week will receive a bonus payout thanks to Shannan Gaynor, runner ups from Jolly Restaurants, Lettie’s Losers from Gaynor’s Automotive, and number one qualifiers from the NAPA Distribution Center.  These are of course in addition to the other bonus payouts thanks to the generosity of Shane Molinari (S/P), Richard Dietrich (Pro), Barry Sheasgreen (SM) and Kevin Bromley (MC)!  A reminder from E.C., “burnouts” are allowed in the designated area only, and a reminder from Lettie for everyone planning on attending the Bracket Finals to make sure your NHRA member/number will be current in Sept.



April 29, 2019


While there is no payout in the “Trophy Class”, winners this week in SP, Pro, SM and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout from Heaton Family Racing, the runner ups from Jolly Restaurants, Lettie’s Losers from Gaynor’s Automotive and the Number One qualifiers from NAPA!




April 23, 2019


The winners this week will receive a bonus payout thanks to Guild Family Racing, runner ups from Jolly Restaurants, Letties Losers from Gaynor’s Automotive and the top qualifiers from NAPA!  In addition, the regular $100 weekly bonus payouts (S/P: Shane Molinari, Pro: Richard Dietrich, Sportsman: Barry Sheasgreen and Motorcycle: Kevin Bromley) also apply!  AND, Perfect Light T-Shirts are awarded by Gresham Transmission – AND if your perfect light happens during eliminations, Kevin Bromley will give you an additional hundred bucks!  Pretty cool! 

Evidently, some of you are still not completely filling out your tech cards – if you want to be on the “ladder” for eliminations, be sure your card is completely filled out (especially Name, address, phone, NHRA member number and NHRA number)!



April 10, 2019


Carol Brown’s first pictures of the year are now up HERE!



March 25, 2019


Winners this week in SP, Pro, Sportsman and Motorcycle will receive a bonus payout thanks to John Speelman, runner ups from Jolly Restaurants, the winner in Lettie’s Losers from Gaynor’s Automotive and the top qualifiers will receive a gift from the NAPA distribution center!  Plus the usual bonus payouts (SP – Shane Molinari, Pro – Richard Dietrich, Sportsman – Barry Sheasgreen and Motorcycle from Kevin Bromley), Perfect light shirts from Gresham Transmission and perfect lights during eliminations from Kevin Bromley.  Now if that isn’t enough to knock your “helmet” off, I don’t know what is!    


March 22, 2019



Hello PIR User Groups and Supporters!

 Once again we are fortunate to have Mark Matthias, owner of the Beaches restaurants, offering Friends of PIR (FOPIR -- the 501c3 that helps support and promote Portland International Raceway) a Cash Back Day!  Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 9 that all food and drink is eligible for 50% of the bill being donated to FOPIR.  Enjoy great food and drink at either of the two Beaches restaurants and be sure to tell your server you are there for FOPIR!


1.         Go to either the PDX airport or Beaches Restaurants ALL OPEN HOURS on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.  (See info below on the two restaurants).

2.         Tell your server of food or beverage you are dining in support of Friends of PIR. (FOPIR)

3.         50% of the bill will then be given to FOPIR.

Below is a flyer.  Please copy and share in your stores, shops, organizational newsletters, Facebook, websites and of course; tell a friend.  Let’s all work together and support FOPIR and their mission to keep PIR thriving!

 Thank you!

 Warm regards,



PDX Main Terminal – Arrival level on the north side pre-security

7000 NE Airport Way

Portland, Oregon

(503) 335-8385

Hours on Feb. 8:  5:00 am – Midnight



Reservations encouraged

1919 SE Columbia River Dr.

Vancouver, WA 98661

(360) 699-1592

Hours on Feb. 8: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm






Winners this Sunday will receive a bonus payout from Mark Canty, runner ups from Jolly Restaurants, Lettie’s Losers from Gaynor’s Automotive and the top qualifiers from NAPA!

Gresham Transmission will be awarding T-shirts for any perfect light and Kevin Bromley will award $100 for any perfect light during eliminations!  As will be the case all season long, the winners in Super Pro will receive a bonus payout thanks to Shane Molinari, Pro, thanks to Richard Dietrich, Sportsman, thanks to Barry Sheasgreen and in Motorcycle thanks to Kevin Bromley! While perhaps somewhat lax in the past, this year it is required that you completely fill out your “tech card”.  Cards not fully filled out this year will not be accepted at tech.   



March 19, 2019


The Trophy / Novice class has been in the works for a year or so, but thanks to Cliff’s Classic Chevrolet, it will be a part of the regular Wed. night program on designated nights!




March 18, 2019


Don’t forget, “points” start this Wednesday (Mar. 20)!  To begin the season, the NWDRA will be paying a bonus to the winners, Jolly Restaurants to the runner ups and Gaynor’s Automotive to the winner in Letties Losers.  There will also be additional bonus payouts to Super Pro thanks to Shane Molinari, Pro from Richard Dietrich, Sportsman from Barry Sheasgreen and Motorcycle from Kevin Bromley! 


Gresham Transmission is back for 2019 with perfect light T-Shirts, and this year Kevin Bromley will be adding a bonus for perfect lights during eliminations!  The NAPA Distribution Center is also back on board with bonuses for the number one qualifier in SP, Pro, SM and Motorcycle!



March 14, 2019


Still waiting - I’ll post the 2019 updates (Racers Handbook, info on the new trophy class, etc.) just as soon as I receive them…..



Feb. 28, 2019


Don’t forget – the Racers Meeting is this Friday (Mar. 1).  Lots of exciting pre-season stuff!  Be there!  Time and location details below. 



Feb. 13, 2019


Pre season racers meeting Friday March 1st, 6:30pm – 9:30pm at the Historic Kenton Firehouse (8105 N Brandon Ave Portland 97217).  That’s all I have about this meeting – details to come (?).


I just received the 2019 schedule and it is now posted.


Click HERE for the 2019 Points / Team sign up sheet.




Feb. 8, 2019


??????????????????? is all I’ve got so far………


For 2019 points signup sheets and more, please check the Portland International Raceway website.






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