1966 Hurst Hairy Olds


Photo by (and available from): JERE ALHADEFF

 The Hurst Hairy Olds made its debut at the 8th annual United States Fuel and Gas Championship Drags in California on March 5th, 1966. As was the Hurst Hemi Under Glass wheelstanding Barracuda, Hairy was an exhibition vehicle. And oh what an exhibition vehicle it was! George Hurst was determined to build "Drag racing's exhibition king". So with the help of "Doc" Watson, the Hurst Hairy Olds was conceived to fit the bill. A '66 4-4-2 would be fitted with two blown and injected 425's coupled to two Toronado transaxles to create a four wheel drive monster designed to entertain the crowds by frying all four tires the length of the quarter mile. Although the initial efforts did not quite provide the desired results, as you can see in the above photo, once the new car bugs were worked out, Hairy had no problem fryin' the stickies!!

The (mostly) steel 1966 4-4-2 body sat on a custom tube and channel chassis. (An interesting note here was that the roll cage also served as the radiator!). With two engines and transaxles in place, weight was at about 4000 lbs. Obviously some serious horsepower was going to be needed to achieve the desired results. Each 425 was fitted with a GMC 6-71 supercharger mounted on a Sharp intake manifold. Attached to the stock stroke forged cranks were Mickey Thompson rods and pistons. Camshafts, pushrods and springs were Isky products. The valves were actuated by Mickey Thompson rocker arms and studs.


Photo: Bob Lathrum (HHO Crew Chief)

The Kelsey Hayes four wheel disc brakes are assisted by Simpson chutes to help "Gentleman" Joe Schubeck bring Hairy to a stop.



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Thanks to Dennis Mothershed for assistance with this article.

Greg Rollin.