1967 Lutz 'n Lundberg Funny Car


 Photo: Rob Potter


For the 1967 season, the damaged 1966 sheet metal was replaced and the car was updated as a 1967 4-4-2. The paint scheme was also changed to this black with gold stripes and lettering design.


Photo courtesy Curt Anderson (320-398-3079). Photographer unknown.

Location appears to be Minnesota Dragway (?). My guess is the Musicland Camaro of Jim Hodges in the left lane.


The updates for the 1967 season did not stop with cosmetics. The engine (400 block) was bored and stroked to now displace 496 cubic inches! The engine was also placed lower in the frame rails than the year before. Weight was also reduced from the previous years 3020 lbs. to 2660 lbs. The wrecked "98" tow car was also replaced with a new black Toronado.


Photo courtesy Curt Anderson (320-398-3079). Photographer unknown.


Campaigned throughout the Midwest, Lutz and Lundberg won the Division 5 title in the Super Eliminator class in 1966 and 1967. Setting eight national records in the process!

Pretty Damn Cool!!

Even more cool is the fact that the same block was used for both seasons! Although they did burn a piston or two when the percentage of nitro was increased, they never broke a crank or a rod.

 ET's were in the mid 8's at over 165 mph.


In 1969 the car was campaigned by Gary McDonnough (driver) and Tom Blanchard in BB/A. Today, it is owned by Jerry Chapman and Curt Anderson. And is currently undergoing a restoration by the two. If you have any photos or information that would help in the restoration, please contact Curt at 320-398-3079 or e-mail cdaoai@earthlink.net


Thanks again to Dennis Mothershed and Curt Anderson for their help with this article.

 Greg Rollin.