Photo courtesy Curt Anderson (320-398-3079). Photographer unknown. 


This car was campaigned out of Minnesota in 1966 by Jim Lutz and Myron Lundberg. In keeping with 1966 Funny Car technology, 4-4-2 MUCH! featured an altered and shortened (105") wheelbase with a straight axle replacing the front suspension. The rear suspension was also replaced with leaf springs. Power for this all steel 4-4-2 (3,020 lbs.) came from a 482" stroked Olds engine fitted with a GMC 6-71 supercharger driven at 24% overdrive, mounted on a Sharp intake manifold. The nitro was injected at 25-39% via a Hilborn unit. Although Lutz and Lundberg did not receive any "official" factory sponsorship, Dale Smith of Oldsmobile donated the engine castings, the modified TH400's as well as some factory technical support. Further help came from Jim Anderson and Bill Carson of Walsers Holiday Oldsmobile dealership.


Photo by Dick Wittnebel

Is this car just plain cool or what!?! The Ember Firemist paint was applied by "Peanuts" at N.E. Auto Body. The body work required for the AWB modifications was performed by Bill Gefre. Although in part due to GM's corporate ban on racing at the time, there were few Oldsmobile Funnies. The team of Lutz and Lundberg carried the torch for all of us Oldsmobile enthusiasts with their beautiful and competitive "4-4-2 Much!".

The men and their machine. On the left is Jim Lutz (Driver) and Myron Lundberg (Mechanic) on the right. Photo: Myron Lundberg.


Also visible in the photo above is the 1966 "98" that was used as the tow vehicle. In an unfortunate towing accident, the 98 and the trailer were totaled. The front sheet metal of 4-4-2 Much! was also damaged. As it was near the end of the season, it was decided to update the damaged car to a 1967 4-4-2.



Thanks to Dennis Mothershed and Curt Anderson for their assistance with this article.

Greg Rollin.


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